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1、实用销售英语范文 下面是 _的实用销售, 希望对大家有帮助。 商场营业员英语 1. Good morning/afternoon/evening, sir/ _dam早上(下午、晚上)好,先生( _)。 2. How do you do? 您好!(初次见面) Glad to meet you .很高兴见到您。 3. How are you? 您好吗? Fine, thanks. And you? 很好,谢谢。您好吗? 4. Wele to our hotel (restaurant, shop). 欢迎到我们 宾馆(餐厅、商店)来。 5. Have a good time! 祝您过得愉快! 6

2、. Wele to our shop. 欢迎光临我们店 7. Is this your first visit to our shop? 第一次来我们店吗? 8. Is there anything you are particularly interested in? 对我们的什么东西感吗? 1. How much does it cost? 这个多少钱? 2. Can you _ke it cheaper? 能否便宜些? 3. Any discount? 有折扣吗? 4. These goods are on sale today. 今天这些商品降价销售。 5. This is the b

3、ill, please pay at the cashiers. 这是单据,请到收银台付款。 6. Wait a minute, please. Ill _ke out your re _ipt. 请稍等,我给你 _票。 7. Would you like to pay it in cash or by credit card? 你是愿意用现金还是 _付款? 8. Yes, we aept visa, Maser and American Express card. 是的,我们接受维萨、万事达和美国运通卡。 9. Its free gift. 这是我们的赠品。 10. Its free of

4、charge. 这是的。 11. Anything else? 还需要别的商品吗? 1. *shop. Can I help you? *店。您找谁? 2. Sorry, Ive dialed the wrong number. 对不起,我拨错号了。 3. May I speak to your general _nager? 能和你们总经理说话吗? Speaking. 我就是。 4. Sorry, he is not in at the moment. 对不起,他现在不在。 Would you like to leave a message? 您要留口信吗? 5. Pardon. 对不起,请

5、再说一遍,好吗? I beg your pardon.对不起,请再说一遍,好吗? 1. Do you want me to show you something? 你想看些什么? 2. Which one do you like? 你喜欢哪一个? 3. May I know what you like? 请告诉我你看中了什么商品? 4. Would you like this one which I remend to you? 你喜欢我推荐的这件商品吗? 5. Its a world-famous brand. 这是名牌。 6. How about this one? 你觉得这个怎么样? 7

6、. Wait a moment, please. 请稍等。 8. Im sorry to keep you waiting so long. 对不起,让您久等了。 1. Congratulations! 祝贺您! 2. Happy birthday! 生日快乐! 3. Happy New Year! 新年快乐! 4. Merry Christ _s! 圣诞快乐! 5. Have a ni _ holiday! 假日快乐! 6. Wish you every suess! 祝您! 1. Go upstairs/downstairs. 上楼/下楼。 2. Its on the second (th

7、ird) floor. 在二(三)楼。 3. Excuse me. 对不起。 Where is the washroom (restroom, elevator)? 请问盥洗室(休 息室、电梯)在哪儿? This way, please.请这边走 Turn left /right. 往左转/右转。 4. Its in the lobby near the _in entran _.在大厅靠近大门。 5. Its in the basement at the end of the corridor.在地下室走廊尽头。 1. Mind(Watch)your step.请走好。 2. Please

8、be careful. 请当心。 3. Please dont leave anything behind. 请别遗忘您的东西。 4. Dont worry. 别担心。 5. Take it easy. 放心好了。 6. Please dont _oke here.请不要在这边抽烟。 1. Goodbye.再见。 2. See you later.再见。 3. Good night.晚安。 4. See you tomorrow.明天见。 5. Goodbye and thank you for ing.再见,谢谢您的光临。 6. Goodbye and hope to see you aga

9、in.再见,希望再见到您。 7. Have a ni _ trip! 一路平安! 8. Wish you a pleasant journey! Good luck! 祝您旅途愉快! 祝您好运! 1. Thanks for the heads-up. 谢谢你的提醒。 2. Ill _ke it up to you. 我会补偿你的。 3. Sit down, please. Here is the menu. 请坐,给您菜单。 4. May I take your order, sir? 您要点菜吗? 5. What would you like to have, coffee or tea?

10、您要喝咖啡还是茶? 6. Would you like to have any wine with you dinner? 您用餐时要喝点酒吗? 7. Servi _ hours are:(餐厅)供应时间是:7:00a.m.to 9:00a.m.for breakfast. 早餐7点到9点。 11:30a.m.to1: 30p.m.for lunch. 午餐11点半到1点半。6:30p.m.to 8:30p.m.for dinner. 晚餐6点半到8点半。 8. Here is the bill. Please sign it. 这是您的账单,请签字。 1. This one is the h

11、ighest quality. 这种质量最好。 2. This is _de of cotton, so it fortable. 它是棉的,穿着舒适。 3. These are more expensive, but the quality is super. _虽然比较贵,但质量好。 4. Its always out of stock, there is not much left. 非常热销,已所剩不多了。 5. Let me show you how to use it ? 让我示范给你看怎么使用。 6. Its long lasting. 非常耐用。 7. You have goo

12、d taste. 你眼光真不错。 1. What size, please? 请问多大尺码。 2. Here is the one in your size. 这件是你要的尺码。 3. This is a good fit. 这件很合适。 4. Its too big. 太大了。 5. Its too s _ll. 太小了。 6. Please try it on. 你可以试穿一下。 7. Im afraid this is the largest one we have. 抱歉,这是我们最大的尺码。 8. Im afraid we havent the size you want. 抱歉,我

13、们没有你要的尺码。 1. What color do you like? 你喜欢什么颜色? 2. Do you like this kind of color? 你觉得这种颜色怎样? 3. This color is quite popular. 这种颜色非常流行。 4. 表达商品颜色 Red 红色 ;green 绿色; yellow 黄色; blue 蓝色; purple 紫色; Black 黑色;white 白色;pink 粉红色;orange 橘黄色;brown 棕 色;beige 米色;grey 灰色 1. Do you like this design? 你喜欢这个款式吗? 2. W

14、hat style do you prefer? 这两种款式,你更喜欢哪一个? 1. Thank you (very much).谢谢您(非常感谢) 2. Thank you for your advi _ (infor _tion , help) 感谢 您的忠告(信息、帮助)。 3. Its very kind of you. 谢谢,您真客气。 4. You are wele. 不用谢。 5. Not at all.不用谢。 6. Dont mention it. 不用谢。 7. Its my pleasure / With pleasure / My pleasure. 非常高兴为您服务。

15、 8. I am at your servi _. 乐意为您效劳。 9. Excuse me .对不起。 10. Im sorry, Its my fault. 很抱歉。那是我的过错。 11. Sorry to have kept you waiting. 对不起,让您久等了。 12. Sorry to interrupt you. 对不起,打扰您了。 13. Im sorry about this. 对此表示抱歉。 15. I apologize for this. 我为此道歉。 16. Thats all right. 没关系。 17. Lets forget it. 算了吧。 1. Can/May

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