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1、the Adverbial 状语状语句子句子+引导词作状语。引导词作状语。 修饰动词、描画词、副词或整个句子,阐明修饰动词、描画词、副词或整个句子,阐明动作或形状特征的句子成分,叫做状语。动作或形状特征的句子成分,叫做状语。 Revision ofthe Adverbial Clauses状语从句状语从句九种状从九种状从 时间状语从句时间状语从句地点状语从句地点状语从句缘由状语从句缘由状语从句条件状语从句条件状语从句退让状语从句退让状语从句结果状语从句结果状语从句目的状语从句目的状语从句方式状语从句方式状语从句比较状语从句比较状语从句 While I was walking along the

2、 street, I found many beatiful buildings ( ) 2. Where there is a will, there is a way. ( ) 3. Now that/Since everybody is here, lets begin our meeting. 4. Ill speak slowly so that you can understand me. ( ) 5. So clever was he that he was able to work out all the difficult problems. ( )时间时间地点地点 缘由缘由

3、目的目的结果结果 6. As long as you dont lose heart, youll succeed. ( ) 7. Try as he might, he could not find a job. ( ) 8. The old lady treats the boy as if he were his own son. ( ) 9.He is taller than I am.( )条件条件退让退让方式方式比较比较九种常用的状语从句及其常用的衔接词九种常用的状语从句及其常用的衔接词 时间状语从句 when, while, as, before, after, since, o

4、nce ,by the time , till, until, notuntil, the first/second/last time, as soon as, the moment, the minute, the instant, immediately, directly, instantly, hardlywhen, scarcelywhen, no soonerthan , every time, each time where, wherever because, since, as, for, now that(既然, in that由于 if, unless, as(so)

5、long as, on condition that, 要)等。如:地点状语从句缘由状语从句条件状语从句九种常用的状语从句及其常用的衔接词九种常用的状语从句及其常用的衔接词 结果状语从句 so that, sothat, suchthat so that, in order that, in case(以免); for fear that (唯恐); as, as if/as though than, asas, not so/asas, the +比较级, the +比较级 目的状语从句方式状语从句比较状语从句退让状语从句 although, though, as, even though/

6、even if, while(虽然, no matter +which/what/when/where/who/how, whichever, wherever, whatever, whoever, whenever, however, whetheror; 用横线划出以下句子中的状语从句,并指出是哪种状语从句: 1. Child as she is, she knows a lot of things. 2. The more I can do for the class, the happier Ill be. 3. He talks as if (as though) he knew

7、all about it. 4. He is such a good teacher that the students love and respect him. 5.I shall go to the park unless it rains. 6. No sooner had I got home than it began to rain.退让退让比较比较方式方式结果结果条件条件 时间时间 7. Where there is water, there is life. 8. He studied hard so that he could catch up with his class

8、mates. 9. Since you are very busy, I wont trouble you. 10. Even if (though) I fail. Ill never lose heart. 11. Once you begin the work, you must continue. 12. Although the sun was shining, it wasnt very warm. 用横线划出以下句子中的状语从句,并指出是哪种状语从句:地点地点目的目的缘由缘由退让退让时间时间退让退让 13. Now that youve come, youd better hav

9、e dinner with us. 14. He was so excited that he couldnt fall asleep. 15. We must do everything as he tells us. 16. India is much bigger than Japan is. 17. No matter when you come, you are warmly welcome. 18. As (So) long as you work hard, you can catch up with the other classmates.用横线划出以下句子中的状语从句,并指

10、出是哪种状语从句:缘由缘由结果结果方式方式比较比较退让退让条件条件Back to school状语从句的常考点与重难点重点重点状语从句的时态问题状语从句的时态问题;难点难点常考点常考点时间状语从句时间状语从句各种从属连词的含义各种从属连词的含义及用法比较;及用法比较;状语从句的时态问题状语从句的时态问题;各种从属连词的含义各种从属连词的含义及用法比较;及用法比较;时间状语从句时间状语从句状语从句的时态问题状语从句的时态问题;各种从属连词的含义各种从属连词的含义及用法比较;及用法比较;状语从句的时态问题状语从句的时态问题;各种从属连词的含义各种从属连词的含义及用法比较;及用法比较;时间状语从句时

11、间状语从句,退让状退让状语从句,条件状语从语从句,条件状语从句句状语从句的时态问题状语从句的时态问题;各种从属连词的含义各种从属连词的含义及用法比较;及用法比较; 1 状语从句连词的含义及用法比较;状语从句连词的含义及用法比较; 2、no matter wh- 与与 wh-ever 引导的从句引导的从句的区别;的区别; 3、状语从句的时态问题;、状语从句的时态问题; 4、状语从句倒装及省略问题;、状语从句倒装及省略问题; 5、状语从句与其它从句区别。、状语从句与其它从句区别。时间状语从句时间状语从句问题问题1:1. (04北京春北京春) We were swimming in the lake

12、 _ suddenly the storm started. A. when B. while C. until D. before2. (02上海上海) He was about to tell me the secret _ someone patted him on the shoulder. A. as B. until C. whileD. when3. (05上海上海) He transplanted the little tree to the garden _ it was the best time for it. A. where B. when C. thatD. unt

13、il4. (05福建福建) Did Jack come back early last night? Yes. It was not yet eight oclock _ he arrived home. A. Before B. when C. thatD. until5. (06辽宁辽宁) He was about halfway through his meal _ a familiar voice came to his ears. A. why B. where C. when D. whileA AD DB BB BC C衔接词衔接词when的用法小结的用法小结when可用来引导时

14、间状语从句,意为可用来引导时间状语从句,意为“当当的时候从的时候从句的谓语动词可以是延续的,也可以是短暂的。句的谓语动词可以是延续的,也可以是短暂的。如:如: When the film ended, they went back. When I lived there, I used to go to the seashore on Sundays.2. When 常用于以下句式:意为常用于以下句式:意为“就在那时。如:就在那时。如: was doing somethingwhen was about to dowhen was on the point of doing sth. when

15、 had donewhen3. when可以表可以表“既然,如:既然,如: How can I help them to understand when they wont listen to me?留意同一个从属连词的多义性:问题问题2:6. (06天津天津) The cost of living in Glasgow is among the lowest in Britain, _ the quality of life is probably one of the highest. A. since B. when C. as D. while7. (04年江苏年江苏) _ I acc

16、ept that he is not perfect, I do actually like the person. A. While B. Since C. Before D. Unless8. _it is true that a students most important goal is to do well in his or her studies, it doesnt need to be the only goal. A when B As C While D Before25. Mary made coffee her guests were finishing their

17、 meal.(全国全国) A. so that B. although C. while D. as ifD DA AC CC C 1. while可用来引导时间状语,意为可用来引导时间状语,意为“当当的时候;引导的动的时候;引导的动作必需是继续性的,如:作必需是继续性的,如: Please dont talk so loud while others are working. 2. while作为并列连词,意为作为并列连词,意为“而,却,表示对比。而,却,表示对比。 Jane was dressed in brown while Mary was dressed in blue. 3. wh

18、ile也可用来引导退让状语,意为也可用来引导退让状语,意为“虽然,虽然;可表示虽虽然,虽然;可表示虽然,相当于然,相当于although While I admit that the problems are difficult , I dont agree that they cant be solved. 4 趁趁的情况赶紧做的情况赶紧做, 否那么来不及了否那么来不及了 Strike while the iron is hot.衔接词衔接词while的用法小结的用法小结 猜测词义,猜测词义,asas用法小结用法小结 As I left the house, I forgot the key

19、. 2. As I get older, I get more optimistic. 3. He hurried home, looking behind as he went. 4. As the weather is so bad, we have to stay home. 5. You can do it as you like. 6. Old as he is, he is still energetic. 7. He speaks English as fluently as a native speaker.当当随着随着一边一边由于由于像像/按照按照虽然虽然像像一样一样Judg

20、e the meanings of “as.asas用法小结用法小结1.1.引导时间状语从句:强调同时发生或紧接着引导时间状语从句:强调同时发生或紧接着 发生,动作无先后。发生,动作无先后。 当当时候时候 一边一边一边一边 随着随着 2.2.引导缘由状语从句:由于引导缘由状语从句:由于3.3.引导方式状语从句:像,如引导方式状语从句:像,如4.4.引导退让状语从句:虽然引导退让状语从句:虽然5.5.引导比较状语从句:引导比较状语从句:asasasas和和一样一样6.6.引导定语从句:如,像引导定语从句:如,像 7.7.介词:作为介词:作为1.as可用来引导时间状语,意为可用来引导时间状语,意为

21、“一边一边一边;随着一边;随着如:如: She sang as she walked home all the way. (一边一边一边一边She was doing her homework as she was listening to the music.As she grew older, she became more beautiful. 随着随着As the day went on, the weather got worse.2.as也可用来引导缘由状语从句意为也可用来引导缘由状语从句意为“由于;由于;如:如: As she is free today, she would l

22、ike to do some shopping. 由于由于 3.as还可用来引导退让状语从句通常用倒装构造意为还可用来引导退让状语从句通常用倒装构造意为“虽然。虽然。如:如:Tired as he was, he refused to take a rest. 虽然虽然 Hard as he worked, he cant work out the problem. Child as he is, he knows a lot.衔接词衔接词as的用法小结的用法小结 衔接词衔接词when, while, as的用法区别:的用法区别:when, while, as这三个连词都可表示这三个连词都可表

23、示“当当的时候,运用的时候,运用时应留意:时应留意:1) when可表示一个时间点,也可表示一个时间段。如:可表示一个时间点,也可表示一个时间段。如:When he came in, we were having supper.When we were having supper, the light suddenly went out.2) while那么只表示一个时间段。它所引导的时间状语从句中那么只表示一个时间段。它所引导的时间状语从句中的时态常用进展时态。如:的时态常用进展时态。如: When/While he was eating his breakfast, he heard th

24、e doorbell ring. While he was watching TV, the boy fell asleep.3) as那么强调主句和从句的动作在同一时间进展那么强调主句和从句的动作在同一时间进展;也可表示也可表示“随着随着, 。She sang as she walked along.As the election approached, the violence暴行暴行 got worse.用用while, when, as 填空:填空: _ I was walking down the street, I noticed a police car in front of

25、the store. _ John arrived, I was cooking lunch. _ he grew older, he lost interest in everything except gardening. How can he get good grades _ he wont study? (他不好好学习却能得高分,他是怎样做到的?When表示虽然) I was wandering through the street_ I caught sight of a tailors shop. _ the grandparents love the children, the

26、y are strict with them. When/While/AsWhenAswhenwhenwhile问题问题3:1. (01北京春北京春)Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her? Yes. I gave it to her _ I saw her. A. whileB. the moment C. suddenlyD. although2. (2019上海上海) I thought her nice and honest _ I met her. A. first time B. for the first time

27、 C. the first timeD. by the first time3. _ entered the office when he realized that he had forgotten his report. A. He hardly had B. Had he hardly C. Hardly had heD. Hardly he had B BC CC C一就 表达法表示“一就的连词有: as soon as; the moment=the minute = the instant; immediately=directly; hardlywhen =no soonerth

28、an 等。 例如:1. As soon as/ The moment /The minute/ Immediately he saw the bear, he climbed thetree. 他一看见熊就立刻爬上了树。2. I had hardly sat down when he stepped in.= I had no sooner sat down than he stepped in. =Hardly had I sat down when he stepped in.= No sooner had I sat down than he stepped in. 我刚坐下,他就进来了

29、。 小结:小结:1一些词,如一些词,如the moment, the minute, the instant, immediately, directly, instantly, hardlywhen, scarcelywhen, no soonerthan等也可引导时等也可引导时 间状语从句,相当于间状语从句,相当于as soon as的意思。的意思。 I came immediately you called me up.2一些含有一些含有time的名词短语,如的名词短语,如the first /second/last time,every time, each time, next ti

30、me, by the time等,等,也可引导时间状语从句。也可引导时间状语从句。The first time I drove the car, I felt very nervous.Next time you come, please bring your composition.3. 假设假设hardly或或no sooner或或scarcely置于句首,句子必置于句首,句子必 须倒装。须倒装。 Hardly /scarcely had I got home when it began to rain.问题问题4:1. (03北京春北京春) Was his father very str

31、ict with him when he was at school? Yes. He had never praised him _ he became one of the top students in his grade. A. after B. unless C. until D. when2. (03上海上海) A good storyteller must be able to hold listeners curiosity _ he reaches the end of the story. A. when B. unless C. after D. until3. It w

32、as not _ she took off her dark glasses _ I realized she was a famous film star. A. when; that B. until; that C. until; when D. when; thenC CD DB B小结:小结:till, until和和notuntil:1.until/till从句用于一定句时,主句的动词从句用于一定句时,主句的动词 是延续性动作,意为是延续性动作,意为“某动作不断延续到某时间点才停某动作不断延续到某时间点才停 止。如:止。如: We waited until/till he came

33、. 2用于否认句时,主句谓语动词是非延续性动词,意为用于否认句时,主句谓语动词是非延续性动词,意为“某动作直到某时间才开场。如:某动作直到某时间才开场。如: He wont go to bed until her father returns.3till不可以置于句首,而不可以置于句首,而until可以。如:可以。如: Until you told me I had no idea of it.4notuntil句型中的强调和倒装说法:句型中的强调和倒装说法: It was not until you told me that I had any idea of it. Not until y

34、ou told me did I have any idea of it.问题问题5:1. (03年北京年北京) He made a mistake, but then he corrected the situation _ it got worse. A. until B. when C. before D. as2. (04福建福建) Scientists say it may be five or six years _ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. A. since B. after C. before

35、 D. when3. (06四川四川)Why didnt you tell him about the meeting? He rushed out of the room_I could say a word. A. before B. untilC. whenD. after4. (05北京春北京春) It is almost five years _ we saw each other last time. A. before B. since C. after D. because C CC CA AB B衔接词衔接词before的小结:的小结:一、含义一、含义1 We had sai

36、led four days and four nights before we saw land.2 We hadnt run a mile before he felt tired.3 Please write it down before you forget it.4 Before I could get in a word, he had measured me. “才 “不到就 “趁 “还没来得及 三三1It will be/段时间段时间before“还要过多久才还要过多久才 It will be two years before he leaves the country. 2 I

37、t was +时间段时间段+before 从句从句 动作已发生动作已发生 It was three weeks before he came back 3 It will not be long before“不多久就会不多久就会 It wont be long before she comes back 4 It was not long before“不多久就不多久就了了 如:如: It wasnt long before he left the country. 5It is时间时间since如:如: It is three years since she was in the army

38、. It is three years since she joined the army. 留意时态留意时态since1. I have returned home four times since I came here.2. She has been working here since he left school.3. I have seen her twice since he lived here.4. It is three years since the war broke out.5. It was years since I had seen her. 译:译:_总结:总

39、结:since从句的谓语动词普通是从句的谓语动词普通是_动词,主句动词,主句的谓语动词是延续性或者反复发生的动作。主句时态的谓语动词是延续性或者反复发生的动作。主句时态为为_, 从句时态为从句时态为_。It is +some time + since + did.It was +some time + since+ had done.非延续性非延续性如今完成时如今完成时普经过去时普经过去时 条件状语从句问题1:1、 It is known to all that _ you exercise regularly, you wont keep good health. 05重庆卷 A. unle

40、ss B. whenever C. although D. if 2. You will be late _ you leave immediately.A. unless B. until C. if D. or3. The little boy wont go to sleep his mother tells him a story.2019全国 A. or B. unless C. but D. whetherA AA AB B unless 相当于 if not,意思是“除非“假设不就。这也是高考的热点之一。问题问题2:1、_ I can see, there is only one

41、 possible way to keep away from the danger. 04北京春季北京春季 A. Because B. As far as C. If D. Even if 2、I always take something to read when I go to the doctors _ I have to wait. 05全国卷全国卷3 Ain case Bso that Cin orderDas if B BA A as long as 与 as far as 都可引导条件状语从句,as long as 表示“只需,as far as 表示“就而言。题1根据题意应该

42、选用B。in case 表示“以防。退让状语从句退让状语从句问题问题1: 1、 _ I accept that he is not perfect, I do actually like the person. 04江苏江苏 A. While B. Since C. Before D. Unless2、Allow children the space to voice their opinions, _they are different from your own. (05湖南卷湖南卷 A. untilB. even ifC. unless D. as though A AB B while

43、 是高考中的高频词,它既可引导时间状语从句,又可引导并列句,还可引导退让状语从句,表示“虽然。even if 等于 even though,表示“即使、虽然。as though 等于 as if,引导方式状语从句,表示“好似、似乎。问题问题2: 1、 He tried his best to solve the problem, _ difficult it was. 05天津卷天津卷 A. however B. no matter C. whatever D although 2、The old tower must be saved, _the cost. 05浙江浙江 Ahowever

44、Bwhatever Cwhichever Dwherever 3. English and French are taught here. You can choose _ you like. A. no matter whichB. whichever D. whateverA AB Bno matter wh- 与与 wh-ever 的联络及区别:的联络及区别:no matter wh- 只引导退让状语从句,此时与只引导退让状语从句,此时与 wh-ever通用。通用。No matter when / Whenever he comes back, he should be invited

45、to the party.wh-ever又可引导名词性从句,又可引导名词性从句, No matter wh-不能。如:不能。如:Whoever can help us will be welcome. 结果状语从句结果状语从句 sothat,suchthat1) It is so good a story that Ill never forget it. It is such a good story that Ill never forget it.2)such+ a +adj名词名词 +that clause such+adj+名词复数名词复数3)so +adj./adv. +that

46、clause4)so + many/few + 复数名词复数名词 +that clause much/little+不可数名词不可数名词10. The day must be breaking, _ the birds have begun singing. A. because B. as C. for D. since缘由状语从句缘由状语从句 1) because表示某件事情发生的直接缘由或理由。它的语表示某件事情发生的直接缘由或理由。它的语气很强,因此常用来回答气很强,因此常用来回答why的提问。在这几个连词中,的提问。在这几个连词中,它表示缘由的语气最强。如:它表示缘由的语气最强。如:

47、 He didnt come to school yesterday because he was ill. 2) since常表示对方曾经知道的既成现实,说话人根据这常表示对方曾经知道的既成现实,说话人根据这个现实得出某一种结论。其语气比个现实得出某一种结论。其语气比because要弱,普通译要弱,普通译成成“既然。如:既然。如:Since you are here, why not stay for a few more days? 3) as常用于表示十清楚显的缘由,阐明因果关系,重点放常用于表示十清楚显的缘由,阐明因果关系,重点放在主句上,语气较弱,常译成在主句上,语气较弱,常译成“由

48、于。如:由于。如:As its getting darker, we must go home now. 4) for只是一个并列连词,用于衔接两个并列句,表示推理只是一个并列连词,用于衔接两个并列句,表示推理或解释,对前一个分句进展附加阐明。如:或解释,对前一个分句进展附加阐明。如:It must have rained last night, for the ground is wet目的状语从句目的状语从句 .I hurried _ I wouldnt be late for class. A. since B. so that C. as if D. unless You must s

49、peak louder so that /in order that you can be heard by all. He wrote the name down for fear that(lest) he should forget it. Better take more clothes in case the weather is cold.比较状语从句比较状语从句 asas,not as(so)as, more/-erthan,lessthan1)He doesnt work so hard as you do.2)There is as much ink in bottle A

50、as in bottle B.3)The more you worry,the less youll succeed.4) Gold is much heavier than any other metal.26. I have seldom seen my mother pleased with my progress as she is now. A. so B. very C. too D. rather 方式状语从句 1) You must try to do as I did. 2)Lets do as Mrs. Li teaches us.*3)He talks as if he

51、knew all about it. (好象 )1. After the war,a new school building was put up _ there had once been a theatre. A. thatB. whereC. whichD. when2. - Dont look down upon Bob. He has his own advantages. - Oh, yes. _ others are weak, he is strong. A. If B. When C. Where D. Though3. - The thread of my kite bro

52、ke and it flew away. - I had told you it would easily break _it was the weakest A. when B. where C. unless D. since地点状语从句地点状语从句地点状语从句只需两个连词地点状语从句只需两个连词: Where,whereverWhere - 在在地方,地方,Wherever - 无论哪里无论哪里1.Put the medicine where you can easily get it.2.Where there is a will, there is a way.3.He follow

53、s her wherever she goes.4.Wherever you are, I will be right there waiting for you.状语从句的时态问题状语从句的时态问题问题问题1:1、The house could fall down soon if no one_ some quick repair work. 04全国全国IV A has done B is doing C does D had done 2、It is almost five years _ we saw each other last time. 05北京春季北京春季A. before

54、B. since C. after D. when 在条件,时间状语从句中,用普通如今时表示普通将来时。在 since 引导的时间状语从句中,动词普通都用普通过去时,而主句常用如今完成时。C CB B状语从句的倒装问题状语从句的倒装问题问题问题1:1、So difficult _ it to live in an English-speaking country that I determined to learn English. (01 上海上海) A. I have felt B. have I felt C. I did feel D. did I feel2、Not until al

55、l the fish died in the river _ how serious the pollution was. (95 NMET) A. did the villagers realize B. the villagers realized C. the villagers did realize D. didnt the villagers realizeD DA A 状语从句的倒装普通有下面几种情况:状语从句的倒装普通有下面几种情况: 否认词开头;否认词开头;not until so 加加 adj. 开头;开头; as / though引导的退让状语从句。引导的退让状语从句。特

56、别留意:特别留意: Hardly when No sooner than Child as he is, Hardly had he got to the station when the train left. No sooner had he got to the station than the train left. Child as he is, he can speak seven foreign languages. While watching TV, _. A the doorbell rang B the doorbell rings C we heard the door

57、 bell ring D we heard the doorbell ringsC状语从句省略问题状语从句省略问题1:假设主从句主语一致,从句中又有“be时,省略主语和be。While still a student, she played many roles.When told the secret, he was surprised.When (he was) still a boy of ten, he had to work day and nightIf (you are) asked, you may come in. 2:从句中可省略it+是。You can turn to m

58、e for help if necessary.If (it is) necessary / possible . Ill explain it to you again.状语从句省略问题状语从句省略问题状语从句与并列句的区别状语从句与并列句的区别问题问题1:1、Though he is in his sixties, _ he works as hard as a young man A. yet B. but C. and D. and yet2、 Excuse me for breaking in, _ I have some news for you. (NMET02) A. so B

59、. and C. but D. yet 题1是主从复合句,所以中间不能运用并列连词 and; or; but; so 等。yet 是副词,只需 yet 可以与 though 连用。题2为并列句,而“Excuse , but 为一固定搭配。在复习中需求细心的分析句子构造和成分。A AC C1. We were about to leave_ it began to rain.2. She thought I was talking about her son, _, in fact, I was talking about my son.3. Hardly had I finished my c

60、omposition _ the bell rang. A. when B. while C. as D. during对比训练对比训练 1 1 A AB BA A1. He would have a look at the bookstores _ he went to town.2. We decide to finish the work on time, _ happens.3. If we work with a strong will, we overcome any difficulty, _ great it is.4. Ill give the book to _ likes

61、 English. A. whenever B. whoever C. whatever D. however对比训练对比训练 3 3 A AC CD DB B对比训练对比训练 9 9 1. If we work hard, we can overcome any difficulty, no matter _ great it is.2. If we work hard, we can overcome any difficulty, _ great it is.3. If we work hard, we can overcome any difficulty, _ difficulty

62、it is.4. If we work hard, we can overcome any difficulty, no matter _ difficulty it is. A. what B. how C. however D. whateverB BC CD DA A对比训练对比训练 5 5 1. It will be years _ we meet again.2. It is ten years _ I came to this town.3. It is ten years ago _ I came to this town. A. when B. that C. before D. sinceC CD DB B对比训练对比训练 7 7 Go and get your coat. It is _ you left it. 2. You are free to go _ you like. A. there B. where C. wherever D. when B BC C

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