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1、课标单词背诵(先填后背)第一组1potential n潜力;可能性 adj.潜在的,可能的2senior adj.中学的(招收11或13岁以上学生);级别高的;高级水平的;老年的n.级别(或地位)较高者;较年长的人;高水平运动员3path n道路;小路;成功的途径4thinking n思维,思想;想法5positive adj.积极乐观的;良好的,正面的6opportunity n机会,时机7acquire vt.获得,得到8advance n进步,进展;前进,行进 vt.&vi.发展,进步9confidence n信心,信任;把握10resource n资源;资料;谋略11facility

2、n设施,设备;场所12equal adj.相等的;平等的;相当的 n同等的人(物) linking v与相等 vt.比得上13attitude n态度,看法14goal n目标;进球得分15improve vt.&vi.改进,改善16wellrounded adj.全面发展的;面面俱到的17individual n个人 adj.单独的,个别的18character n品质,性格;特点;人物,角色;文字19responsible adj.有责任,负责;可靠的20ahead adv.(时间、空间)向前;提前21junior adj.(学校)为11或13岁以下儿童设立的;地位(或级别)低的;青少年的

3、 n职位较低者;青少年运动员第二组22forward adv.向将来;向前;进展,前进23detail n细节;具体情况24tip n指点,实用的提示;尖端;小费25base vt.以为基础(依据) n根据;基础;基底;总部,大本营26proposal n提议,建议,动议27aim n目的,目标 vi.&vt.力争做到;目的是;针对28style n风格;方式;样式29technique n技巧,技艺;技能30workshop n研讨会,讲习班;车间,作坊31material n材料;素材 adj.物质的,实际的;客观存在的32poster n海报;(在网络留言板上)发布消息的人33secon

4、dary adj.中学的;次要的34host n主人;东道主;主持人 vt.主办;主持35biology n生物学36tough adj.艰难的;严厉的;坚强的;坚固的37alarm n闹钟;恐慌;警报;警报器vt.使惊恐,使害怕38option n可选择的事物,选择;选修课39butter n黄油40pudding n甜点;布丁41attract vt.吸引,使喜爱;招引;引起(反应)42rugby n橄榄球运动43calligraphy n书法,书法艺术单词拼写运用核心单词语境运用1.focus n焦点,重点 vt.& vi.集中2remind vt.提醒,使想起3exchange n&

5、vt.交换;交流;兑换4challenge n& vt.挑战;质疑5balance vt.同等重视;(使)保持平衡;权衡重要性 n均衡,平衡;平衡能力6effort n. 努力,费力的事;试图用所给词的适当形式填空1The company is ready to meet different challenges(challenge) of the next few years.2Johns lack of experience was balanced by his willingness to learn and he tried his best to keep a balance be

6、tween work and relaxation.(balance)3The boy will make efforts(effort) to achieve his potential while at school.4They focused(focus) all their attention on finding a solution to the problem at that time.5Having been reminded/Reminded(remind) several times,the manager still forgot the meeting.6Its wis

7、e of parents to exchange(exchange) ideas with their kids over dinner.派生单词语境运用1.amaze vt.使惊讶amazing adj.令人大为惊奇的,令人惊喜的amazed adj.惊讶的amazement n惊奇2dependent adj.依赖的independent adj.自主的,有主见的;自立的independence n独立3profession n职业,专业professional adj.职业的,专业的;有职业的;娴熟的,精通业务的 n专门人员,专业人士4contribute v捐献;贡献contribut

8、ion n贡献;捐款;捐赠5fortune n机会;运气;大笔的钱fortunate adj.幸运的fortunately adv.幸运地,幸亏用所给词的适当形式填空1To my amazement,the amazing news amazed the whole class and their teachers were also amazed(amaze)2You cant be dependent on your parents all your life.It is important for you to be financially independent of your par

9、ents.(dependent)3Professor Smith,who is famous in the medical profession,is paying a professional visit to our college.(profession)4They have contributed a lot of food and clothing to the refugees so far and their contributions will certainly help the refugees live through the winter.(contribute)5To

10、m is often fortunateLast year he went to Shanghai to try his fortuneFortunately,he met his girlfriend and got married there.(fortune)1(2021全国乙卷)To many people,saving lives is part of the job but styling hair is an extra and should be rewarded. B A风格 B把设计成某种式样 C方式;样式2(2020新高考卷)She decided to go back

11、to college to advance her career and to be able to better support her family while doing something she loves:nursing. A A促进 B前进 C发展3(2018天津卷)If a smoke detector sets off an alarm and there is no fire or smoke,inform your hall staff. B A闹钟 B警报器 C恐慌短语理解运用高频短语1.lie in存在于,在于2rise to 能够处理3make a differen

12、ce 起作用,有影响4make the most of 充分利用,尽情享受5take advantage of 利用6last but not least 最后但同样重要的7put up 张贴8as a result of 由于9stick to 坚持;固守,维持10over time 随着时间流逝,久而久之11look forward to 盼望,期待12sign up 报名语境运用选用左边短语的适当形式填空1What you have told me may make a difference to my own position.2You can make the most of/tak

13、e advantage of the chances to improve your study.3The real worth of a man lies in what he is,not in what he has.4A lot of people came to help him as a result of his kindness to others.5We said wed give her the cash,but we must stick to our agreement.6She put up a notice about the school trip to Beij

14、ing when class was over yesterday.句式辨识运用教材原句背诵句式结构仿写1.while引导时间状语从句Over the next three years,you will discover your potential while you develop as a student and as a person.While I was in Beijing in 2020,I saw the film The Wandering Earth.2020年在北京时,我看了电影流浪地球。2.as引导非限制性定语从句As LaoTzu wisely said,“A jo

15、urney of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”As the saying goes,“A good beginning is half the battle.”常言道:“良好的开端是成功的一半。”3.过去分词短语作状语Instead,you should set goals based on your abilities and skills.Satisfied with what she did,the teacher praised her in class.老师对她所做的事情很满意,于是在班上表扬了她。4.so.that.引导结

16、果状语从句I like it so much that I still use it as my alarm!He is so excellent a student that we all want to make him our example.他是个非常优秀的学生,我们都想以他为榜样。1advance 课本义n.进步,进展;前进,行进 vt.& vi.发展,进步增补义adj.预先的 vt.提出;促进(高考原句2021新高考卷It is our hope that in coming decades,advances in science will offer new perspectiv

17、es (视角) from which to study how people manage their lives.(1)advance to/towards 朝前进(2)in advance(ahead of time) 预先,提前in advance of 在之前make an advance/advances in 在取得进展(3)advanced adj.先进的,高级的;(课程)高深的China has made great advances in science and technology in the past decade.在过去十年里,中国在科技方面进步很大。advance

18、on/towards the town朝市区前进be far in advance of his class在他班上遥遥领先advance the friendly relations between the two countries增进两国的友好关系【一词多义】写出下列句子中advance的词性和汉语意思The reason was that we received no advance warning of the storm.adj.预先的We saw several natives advancing towards our party,and one of them came up

19、 to us,to whom we gave some bells and glasses.vi.前进This research has done much to advance our understanding of language learning.vt.促进Scientists have advanced many theories about why human beings cry tears.vt.提出【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错Only the three of us in our class make efforts to study the advanced(adv

20、ance) course.People were evacuated from the coastal regions in advance the hurricane.advance后加of【链接写作】词汇升级(普通表达)Id appreciate it if you could let me know ahead of time whether or not you will come.(高级表达)Id appreciate it if you could let me know in advance whether or not you will come.(advance)【名师点津】

21、advance本身已有“向前”的意思,因此不与forward连用。类似的还有:repeat不与again连用,return不与back连用等等。2focus 课本义n.焦点,重点 vt.& vi.集中增补义vi.& vt.集中注意力于;(使)聚焦n.(问题,活动、兴趣等的)中心(高考原句2021新高考卷Emotional intelligence,with its focus on both head and heart,may serve to point us in the right direction.(1)focus on 集中于;重点在focus ones eyes/attenti

22、on/mind on.把视线/注意力/心思集中到上(2)bring o focus 使某事物成为焦点the focus of.的焦点The focus of the epidemic has shifted from home to abroad since early March.自三月初以来,疫情的焦点从国内转向国外。focus on the main issues集中在那些主要问题上the focus of the worlds attention世人关注的中心focus our attention on global warming把我们的注意力集中到全球变暖的问题上【基础练习】单句语

23、法填空/单句改错Health and environmental problems have increasingly become the focus of concern.The shooting incident that happened on March 1,2021 in Las Vegas brought the problem of violence in focus.ininto【链接写作】句式升级(普通表达) His eyes were focused on the blackboard so that he didnt notice the flying birds ou

24、tside.(高级表达)His eyes focused on the blackboard,he didnt notice the flying birds outside.(独立主格结构)【名师点津】表示“集中(注意力、精力等)于”的短语还有:pay attention to sth.;put ones heart into sth.;concentrate/fix ones attention on sth.等。3base 课本义vt.以为基础(依据) n根据;基础;基底;总部,大本营增补义n.基地;底部vt.把建立在(高考原句2021浙江卷)“We can rule out that

25、the dogs simply distinguish between the pictures based on a simple cue,such as the sight of teeth,” said study author Corsin Mller.(1)base.on/upon.把建立在基础之上be based on/upon.以为基础;依据(2)basic adj.基本的;基础的Basing an important decision more on emotion than on reason,you will regret it sooner or later.把一个重要的

26、决定更多地建立在情感基础上,而不是以理性思考为基础,你迟早会后悔的。be based on solid facts基于确凿的事实have a broad base of support得到广泛支持set up a new base in the north在北方设立新的基地【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错(2019北京卷)Stars apparently do not follow this basic(base) principle of sportsmanship.It is an interesting film basing on a real person.basingbased【

27、链接写作】句式升级(普通表达)The restaurant is based on trust,and it is working all right.(高级表达)Based on trust,the restaurant is working all right.(用过去分词短语作状语)(高级表达)The restaurant,which is based on trust,is working all right.(用非限制性定语从句)4remind 课本义vt.提醒;使想起增补义vt.使联想到(人或事物)(高考原句2021新高考卷Going to Mount Huangshan remi

28、nds me of the popular Beatles song “The Long and Winding Road”remind sb.of sth.使某人想起某事remind sb.to do sth.提醒某人做某事remind (sb.) that/how/what.提醒(某人)What the teacher had said reminded me of the famous saying,“Where there is a will,there is a way.”老师的话让我想起了“有志者,事竟成”这句著名的谚语。remind me to phone my friend提醒

29、我给朋友打电话remind me how I should do it next提醒我下一步该怎么做remind me of the room where I was born使我想起我出生的那个房间【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错I agree with Susan,whose article reminds me of my best gift,a pen,given by my father,who was a worker.Passengers are reminded(remind) that no smoking is allowed on this train.To note

30、what you have to do is to remind you do it at the right time.第二个you后加to【链接写作】一句多译尽管被提醒不要酒后开车,一些司机仍然心存侥幸,这十分危险。Although/Though some drivers are reminded not to drive after drinking,they are still trying their luck,which is really dangerous.Reminded not to drive after drinking,some drivers are still t

31、rying their luck,which is really dangerous.(过去分词短语作状语)【名师点津】常见的“vt.sb.of sth.”短语还有:cure sb.of sth.治好某人的病accuse sb.of sth.控告某人某事cheat sb.of sth.骗取某人某物inform sb.of sth.通知某人某事convince sb.of sth.某人相信某事rob sb.of sth.抢劫某人某物5aim 课本义n.目的,目标 vi.& vt.力争做到;目的是;针对增补义vt.&vi.以为目标;瞄准,对准;旨在n.瞄准(高考原句2021新高考卷Our aim

32、was to see if we could live,in some way,like real Parisians.(1)aim at sb./sth.瞄准;对准be aimed at (doing) sth.旨在(做)某事aim to do sth.aim at doing sth.力求做某事(2)take aim at.瞄准;对准with the aim of.目的是(3)aimless adj.无目的的aimlessly(without aim) adv.无目的地Aimed at improving our living conditions,the project is suppo

33、rted by us.由于目的是改善我们的生活条件,这个项目得到了我们的支持。take aim at the target瞄准目标aim at becoming a doctor 立志做一名医生work hard to achieve your aim 努力实现你的目标with the aim of helping local people 目的是帮助当地人【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错(2019北京卷)All our projects aim to promote (promote) the development of poor and remote communities.I don

34、t know at whom the Ministers remarks were aimed(aim),but he ought not to say such things.The industry has also taken aims at the product that has appeared as its replacement:reusable shopping bags.aimsaim【链接写作】一句多译这项活动的目的是提高学生的听说能力。This activity is aimed at improving students ability of listening an

35、d speaking.(aim v)The aim of this activity is to improve students ability of listening and speaking.(aim n)6exchange 课本义n.& vt.交换;交流;兑换增补义n.互换vt.& vi. 调换(高考原句2021浙江卷)On August 5,the number of postcards exchanged by members topped 31 million.(1)make an exchange 交换in exchange (for.) 作为(对)交换(2)exchange

36、 A for B 用A换Bexchange sth.with sb.与某人交换某物He sold or exchanged some of the milk in the towns nearby for other food and made cheese and butter for the family with what was left.他在附近城市卖一些牛奶或者把牛奶换成其他食物;用剩余的牛奶为家人做奶酪和黄油。exchange dollars for yen把美元兑换成日元an exchange visit to Germany去德国交流访问exchange experience

37、 at the meeting在会上交流经验have a frank exchange of views with her boss与她的老板开诚布公地交换意见【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错Meanwhile,they exchange ideas and feelings with each other,through which they probably acquire more knowledge.The exchange student wanted to exchange some pounds for dollars.Hes giving her French lessons

38、 on exchange for her teaching him English.onin【链接写作】句型转换He gave me an apple in exchange for a piece of cake.He exchanged an apple with me for a piece of cake.(exchange v)7lie in课本义存在于,在于增补义晚起,睡懒觉(高考原句2021浙江卷)To us,the most likely explanation appears to be that the basis lies in their living with hum

39、ans,which gives them a lot of exposure to human facial expressions.(1)lie around/about到处乱放;闲着不干事lie down躺下;逃避(职责);不好好干(2)lie to sb.对某人撒谎tell a lie/lies说谎 Your problem lies in lacking efficient methods.你的问题在于缺少有效的方法。tell a lie to us 对我们说谎lie down on the job磨洋工;不好好工作lie in a little valley behind the t

40、rees坐落在树林后的一个山谷里【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错In my opinion,the value of the young worker lies in his potential.Dont leave toys lying,which will attract your teachers attention.lying后加around/about【链接写作】完成句子他告诉我说,快乐在于帮助别人以提升自己。He told me that happiness lies in helping others to improve ourselves.8make a differenc

41、e课本义起作用,有影响增补义有很大差别,有很大不同(高考原句2021浙江卷)“Just five more minutes outdoors can make a difference,” David Bond says.make a difference to.对有作用/有影响make some/any/no/little difference (to.) (对)有/没作用或影响tell the difference (between.and.) 辨别/区分(与)What you did would make a difference to the details of his plan.你

42、所做的会对他的计划细节有影响。make no difference to my study对我的学习没影响tell the difference between right and wrong明辨是非make a difference to our environment对我们的环境有影响【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错Luckily my teacher sensed my problem,telling me that every small thing can make a big difference.What you have said will make no differenc

43、e to the naughty boy.The twins are so alike;its difficult to tell a difference between them.athe【链接写作】词汇升级(普通表达)I will help clean up the roadside litter whenever possible.I hope my behaviors will work.(高级表达)I will help clean up the roadside litter whenever possible.I hope my behaviors will make a di

44、fference9as a result of 课本义由于增补义作为的结果(1)as a result 结果without result 徒劳;毫无结果(2)result from 因引起result in 导致;致使The young man never cared about details.As a result,he made a big mistake.这个年轻人从不注意细节。结果,他出了大错。as a result of the storm 由于暴风雨的影响result from not working hard enough因工作不够努力造成result in his mothe

45、r leaving the city导致他母亲离开了这个城市【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错As a result,Chinas economy developed faster and China was known by more people in the world.Jenny nearly missed the flight as a result in doing too much shopping.inof【链接写作】句型转换He was too careless;as a result,he failed the English test.He failed the Engl

46、ish test as a result of carelessness.His carelessness resulted in his failure in the English test.His failure in the English test resulted from his carelessness.【名师点津】(1)as a result意为“因此,结果”,是介词短语,常作状语。(2)as a result of意为“由于”,是介词短语,表示原因,只能接名词/代词/动名词及what引导的名词性从句。10As LaoTzu wisely said,“A journey of

47、 a thousand miles begins with a single step.”就像老子明智地说过:“千里之行,始于足下。”(1)as引导非限制性定语从句时,有“正如;正像”之意,代指整个主句的内容,常放于主句之前,有时也可放在主句之后或主句之中。(2)as引导限制性定语从句时,先行词常被the same,such,so等修饰。(3)在such.as.中,as引导限制性定语从句,而such.that.中的that引导结果状语从句。【金句推送】(2021浙江1月卷)As he writes in his new book,A Long Way Home,Brierley couldnt

48、 help but wonder about his hometown back in India.正如在自己的新书漫漫回家路中所写的那样,布赖尔利禁不住地想知道他在印度的故乡的情况。【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错The explorer took only such things as he really needed into the jungle.This is the same pen as I lost yesterday.Which is always the case with language learning,Mandarin learning also calls fo

49、r lots of practice.WhichAs【链接写作】句式升级(普通表达)Its known to all that smoking is harmful to ones health.(高级表达)As we all know,smoking is harmful to ones health.(as作宾语)(高级表达)As is known to all,smoking is harmful to ones health.(as作主语)【名师点津】(1)与as不同,which引导非限制性定语从句时,不可放在句首,意为“这一点”,且无“正如/正像”之意。(2)在such.as.定语从

50、句中,as在从句中作成分。(3)在such.that.状语从句中,that不作任何成分。11I like it so much that I still use it as my alarm!我非常喜欢它仍旧用它作闹钟!(1)so.that.句型的常见形式:soadj./adv. that.soadj.a(n)n.(单数可数名词)that.somany/few/much/little (少).n.that.(2)such.that.句型的基本结构:sucha(n)adj.n.(单数可数名词)that.suchadj.n.(复数可数名词/不可数名词)that.(3)当so形容词/副词及such.

51、放在句首时,主句要用部分倒装【金句推送】(2021浙江卷)The works on display there are so fantastic that I am deeply impressed by the talent of the painters as well as the charm of traditional Chinese culture.在那里展出的作品都非常出色,我被画家的才华和中国传统文化的魅力深深打动。【基础练习】单句语法填空/单句改错There were so many goods on November 11th that the delivery time

52、was long.Keeping a learning diary every day is so important that I would like to introduce it to you.Dalian is so an attractive place that lots of tourists visit the city every year.sosuch【链接写作】一句多译那天天气非常寒冷,街上没有人。It was so cold a day that there was nobody on the street.(so)It was such a cold day tha

53、t there was nobody on the street.(such)Such a cold day was it that there was nobody on the street.(such倒装句)So cold a day was it that there was nobody on the street.(so倒装句)夯基固本基础强化.用所给词的正确形式填空1They focus on keeping (keep) their soil rich and free of disease.2Please remind me to write (write) to my mo

54、ther tomorrow.3These measures are aimed(aim) at preventing violent crime.4She has the potential to improve(improve) individual attainment and become a famous writer.5Where you live can make such a difference(different) to the way you feel.改正句中的错误1Fortunately,an advancing communication system was int

55、roduced here last week.advancingadvanced2The girl does three parttime jobs aiming to pay off school loan.off后加her3Based on some facts,the man wrote this article about education.BasedBasing4The young man likes doing something challenging at his free time.atin5She didnt really like a hat,but it couldn

56、t be exchanged.athe.在空白处填入一个适当的词1He made one big mistake,and,as a result,lost his job.2I have offered to paint the house in exchange for a weeks meals.3It was such a hot day that nobody wanted to do anything.4He was so tired that he lay down to have an hours rest under the tree.5The number is increa

57、sing,as is mentioned above.6Please inform us of your arrival in advance.7The photos on the wall often remind me of the happy days there.8I dont know whether my lecture will make a difference to the girls life.查缺补漏知识拾遗.用所给词的正确形式填空1In a word,Im in favor of the proposal(propose) improved by our manager

58、.2The boy was alarmed to see(see) the bear walking to him.3He made an outstanding contribution(contribute) to science.4Attracted(attract) by the beauty here,he decided to stay for another week.5Compared(compare) with my sister,I still have a long way to go.6What he said at the meeting made us a litt

59、le amazed(amaze)7You have responsibility(responsible) for clearing up the classroom after class.8It is important that teachers should treat each student equally(equal)9The old man fell down.Fortunately(fortunate),some passengers helped him.10After a short time,she found it attractive(attract) to wor

60、k with those people.在空白处填入一个适当的词1She found it impossible to stick to a diet and looked forward to cooking for herself.2I challenged him to a game of chess that day and aimed to beat him.3Facing such a big challenge,the young man is still positive about his future.4She took a deep breath and stood up

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