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1、M5 U3,Grammar,Verb-ed ,规则动词的过去分词由动词原形加ed构成,不规则动词的过去分词见不规则动词表。,过去分词,1.verb-ed used as the attributive a.及物动词的过去分词具有被动和完成的意义 a cloned baby a wounded soldier an unexpected guest b.不及物动词的过去分词具有主动和完成意义 the risen sun a retired officer the highly praised scientist c. 合成的过去分词 well-done work well-trained fir。

2、efighters *单个分词作定语,通常前置 *过去分词短语作定语,常后置,其作用相当于定语从句 a letter written in pencil a letter which was written in pencil,Translate the following phrases 1 一个被收养的孩子 2 一张用过的邮票 3 发达中国家 4 开过了的水 5 一个受伤的女人 6 一座十年前修的桥 7 陷在大火中的人们,an adopted child a used stamp developed countries boiled water an injured woman a br。

3、idge built 10 years ago the people trapped in the fire,2. verb-ed used as predicative 过去分词短语作表语时,其作用相当于形容词,说明的是主语的状态,其合成形容词也可以作表语. eg He appeared more satisfied with my work. They are well-behaved and well-spoken. Tip *由well修饰或构成合成词的还有 built, cooked, done, dressed, known, organized, prepared, writt。

4、en;,*过去分词作表语时,其后可以接介词短语, 不定式短语及that引导的从句相当于宾语) eg He is worried about his wifes safety. The mother was pleased to hear from her son. I am satisfied that you didnt tell a lie.,*有些过去分词常跟在 get 之后,get相当于 be,get paid/ married/ burnt/separated,1 The news was very exciting. I was ________ at it..,2 The boo。

5、k is interesting. He is ________ in it.,3 The question is puzzling. He is _______ at the question.,4 The scene was frightening. I was ________ by the scene.,Change the following sentences using V-ed .,excited,interested,puzzled,frightened,a.在feel, hear see之后 I saw his eyes fixed on me in curiosity. 。

6、b.在有些可跟现在分词作宾语补足语的动词后,如discover, find, keep, leave.. Keep your mouth shut. c.在有些可跟动词不定式作宾补的动词后,如 hate, like, love, need ,prefer, want, wish.. Kate would like her room painted white. d.在使役动词get, have, make后 I shall make my views known to everybody.,3. V-ed used as the object complement,e. with 宾语过去分。

7、词结构 此结构中,过去分词用作介词 with的宾语补足语.这一结构通常在句中作时间,方式,条件,原因等状语. 1 The murderer was brought in, with his hands _____ behind his back. tie 2 With water_______, we can see the steam. heat 3 With the matter________, we all went home. settle 4 She stood in front of him, with her eyes _______ on his face. fix 5 Wi。

8、th no body _________ on time, the headmaster was angry. turn up 6 He stood for an instant with his hand still ____. raise,heated,settled,fixed,raised,turning up,tied,Practice 1 He tried to make himself __________ by his students in class. understand 2 I had my hair ____ yesterday. cut 3 The teacher 。

9、had the student _________ a whole class. stand,*现在分词作宾补,说明宾语是动作的发出者,形成逻辑上的主谓关系; *过去分词作宾补,表示宾语是动作的承受者,构成逻辑上的动宾关系。,understood,cut,standing,4 I often hear the song ________sing in English. I heard him _______sing the song next door when I passed by.,sung,singing,5 The lost boy was last seen _______play。

10、 near the river. We hope to see the new game _______play in the 2008 Olympic Games.,playing,played,6 With so much work ______, I feel stressed. do 7 The cashier whom I had had ________ me told me the truth. help 8 Who will you have _______ charge of the project take,to do,help,take,*在句中做状语,也可与从属连词wh。

11、en, while, once, until, if, unless, though. as ,as if 等一起构成“连词过去分词” 的结构此结构中的逻辑主语和主句中的主语是一致的,4. V-ed used as the adverbial,1If I am given another hour, I can also work out this problem. 2Seen from the top of the hill, the city looks more beautiful to us. 3If the medicine is taken on time, it will ta。

12、ke effect. 4Followed by a group of dogs, the trainer appeared.,Given another hour, I can also work out this problem.,When the city is seen from the top of the hill, it looks more beautiful to us.,Taken on time, the medicine will take effect.,The trainer appeared and was followed by a group of dogs.,。

13、分词在句中作状语,和句子的主语存在逻辑关系。通常情况下,主动关系用现在分词,被动关系用过去分词。,eg Encouraged by the teacher, he is now working harder on English. Listening to the teacher, he made some notes .,1 ________ the two sentences, youll find the rule. 2 ________ with that sentence, this one is more difficult.,Comparing,Compared,3 ______。

14、see from the hill, the lake is more beautiful. 4 ______see from the hill, we saw a beautiful lake.,Seen,Seeing,*有些过去分词因来源于系表结构,作状语时不强调被动,而强调状态。这样的过去分词及短语常见的有 lost; seated; hidden; stationed 驻扎; lost / absorbed in 沉溺于; born; dressed in; tired of; determined to do; buried in 等eg Lost / Absorbed in dee。

15、p thought, he didnt hear the sound. Determined to be the first to come to school, he got up very early that morning.,2___ in a red dress, she was easy to pick out in the big crowd. Being dressed B. Dressed C. Dressing D. Wearing,1____her perance a success, she spent many sleepless nights. Committed 。

16、to making B. Being committed to make C. Having been committed to making D. To be committed to make,,Keys to Multiple choices,1-10 ADBAA BADAB 11-20 DCDAD DCBDB 21-24 ABCC,II. Translation,1. 这扇朝南的窗户是破的。,The window facing the south is broken.,2. 我们的班主任是一位受人爱戴的女性。,Our head teacher is a woman loved by a。

17、ll.,3. 正在被建的那栋大楼将是我们的新图书馆。,The building being built now is to be our new library.,4. 输掉那场比赛后,她看上去很失望。,Losing the game, she looked disappointed,5. 从不同角度看,这个物品变化很大。,Seen from the different angles, the object varies a lot.,6. 那位教授在学生们的簇拥下,兴高采烈地坐在那儿。,Surrounded by his students , the professor sat there 。

18、cheerfully .,Homework All the rcises about verb-ed.,非谓语动词(doing/to do/done)做状语的注意点,非谓语动词作状语时,其逻辑主语为句子的主语,解题 时要注意以下几点 1. 不定式(to do)作状语通常表示目的和结果。若做结果状语常指意料之外或令人不快的结果,不定式前常有only.,1 She made a bamboo box ___________keep the little sick bird until it could fly. 2 He hurried to the station only __________。

19、_tell the train had left. 3 Grammatical differences between BE and AE are so few as hardly __________________ notice,to keep,to be told,to be noticed,2. 现在分词doing作状语,表示主语是现在分词动作的发出者,即现在分词和主语之间为主谓关系。,1 As the light turned green, I stood for a moment, not _____, and asked myself what I was going to do。

20、. A. moved B. moving C. to move D. being moved 2 ___ in the queue for half an hour, Tom suddenly realized that he had left his wallet at home. A. To wait B. have waited C. Having waited D. To have waited,点拨若现在分词与谓语动词动作同时发生或无时间性,用一般式doing;如发生在谓语动作之前时则用完成式having done。,3. 过去分词作状语,表示主语是过去分词动作的承受者,即过去分词和。

21、主语之间为动宾关系。,1 _____see from the top of the tower, the south foot of the mountain is a sea of trees. 2 ___________follow by a group of students, the teacher entered the classroom. 3 ___________translate into English, the sentence was found to have an entirely different word order. 4 ____ to hospital i。

22、n time, the wounded soldiers were saved at last. A. Being taken B. Taking C. Having taken D. Having been taken,Seen,Followed,Translated,True or false,1 Being an orphan, the nurse treated him kindly. 2 He being an orphan, the nurse treated him kindly. 3 As he was an orphan, the nurse treated him kind。

23、ly.,F,T,T,点拨非谓语动词作状语时,其逻辑主语同句子的主语如果不一致,需在分词前加一个逻辑主语,分词和它的逻辑主语合称独立主格结构或用状语从句。,独立主格结构,状语从句,2 The key______,she went through her handbag carefully. A. hadnt been found B. having not been found C. not having been found D. wasnt found,1 Such ____ the case, I couldnt help but ____ him. Abeing; support Bis。

24、; to support Chas been; supporting Dbe; supported,4 ___ Aids had left a scar on Ajani and his sister, their grandfathers face turned white. A. When he heard B. Having heard C. When hearing D. On hearing,3 The children went home from the grammar school, their lessons _______ for the day. A. finishing B. finished C. had finished D. were finished,。

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