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Number the StarsVocabulary and IdiomsLEARN the words preceded by a little asterix (*)PREVIEW: INTERNET WORK:1. Number the Stars and Lowry2. Nazi and DenmarkOVERALL QUESTIONS: 1. What time period is it?2. How has life changed since the Nazi occupation? (answers in every chapter)3. Notice Lowrys writing style, her descriptions, and what she chooses to title the chapters, etc. 4. Notice all the references to courage. This is a major theme throughout the book!Chapter lCivilized - decent, normalStocky - short and fatLanky - tall and skinnyHesitated - to stop, to not be sureResidential- neighborhoodSkirted - to run around, to brush byPanting - breathing very hardSkip a beat - to be nervous and feel like your heart has missed a beatHalte - stopPlodding- to move along very slowlyPlanted firmly - to be unmovingGrip - to hold tightlyContempt - hates and disgustTrail away - fade out, become quietProdded - to poke, to pushSneering - evil lookRosy-cheeked - to have red cheeksScowling - mean lookStubborn - unwilling to changeDefiantly - rebelliouslyStroke - to touch tenderlyHoodlums - uncivilized peopleCatch the eye - to look at eye to eyeScurried - to move quicklyChattering- to talk quickly and mindlesslyNazi - the German military in World War 2Incident - event, happeningSlapped - to hit with an open handExaggerating - to make a story more exciting than it really wasEdgy - nervousResistance - rebel fighting, a group of people against the government in powerAbsorbed - to pay total attention to somethingSabotage - to try to ruin someones plansMurmur - complainCupcake- a small-cake likes a dessertGlanced - to look quicklyImpassive- non-emotional1. Describe Ellen, Annemarie, and Kirsti:2. How long have German soldiers been in Denmark?3. Why does Annemaries mother think the soldiers stopped the children?4. What kind of newspaper is De Frie Danske?5. What is the Resistance?6. Why is it important to be one of the crowd? (page 8)Chapter 2pg 11. Snuggle - to get very close toFairy tale - a magical, make-believe storyMermaid- half woman /half fishInterrupting - to speak at same timePretend - not realSprinkled - to add small amountsSuitable- appropriate, goodThrone - the chair a king sits onpg. 13 dim- darkGreeted - to be welcomed, to say hiSurrender - to give up and let someone else have powerAmused - to think that something is funnyBodyguard - someone who protects a person14- shivered - to shake because of the cold or a cold feelingConsidered - to think aboutTrousseau - the things a girl saves or the time she gets marriedIntricate - very involved complicated15 - enormous - bigFiercely - strongly, courageouslyCrushed - smashed16- injured - hurtMourned- to be sadTrunk - 2 wooden boxes that you keep things in17- soft-spoken - someone who doesnt say much.Fiasco- the person you are engaged to be married toPranks - jokesLingered - stayed1. Who is Hans Christian Andersen?2. What kind of story did Kirsti want Annemarie to tell her?3. Why did the people love their king, Christian X?4. Why didnt King Christian need a bodyguard, according to Annemaries father?5. What happened to Lise? Why?6. What countries are the German soldiers in now?7. Why do you think Peter and Annemaries father act differently than before?Chapter 3Dawdled - to move slowly and waste timeScampered - to move quickly like a small animalInstall - to put in*Rationed - to get only a small amount at a time, this often happens during a war. The butter was rationed.*Crib - a bed for a babyHaughtily - proudlykroner - the Danish word for moneyPadlock - big lockStooped - bentSquinting - to narrow your eyes in order to see more clearly*Distracted - to pay attention to some thing other than what you should be paying attention to*Curfew - a time set for people to return to their homesTreat - special*Youre all legs - your legs are so long that it looks like most of your body is legs.Tormenting - to treat cruelly, punishCocoon - a web a caterpillar spins around itself before it becomes a butterfly, some place warm comfortable and safe.1. When Annemaries mother noticed the button missing from Kirstis jacket, what did she ask the girls to do on their way home from school?2. What did the girls discover when they went to Mrs. Hirschs?3. Why do you think that Annemaries mother is upset by the news, and goes immediately over to talk to Mrs. Rosen?4. Why does Peter come to visit in the night?5. Annemaries father said that all of Denmark was the bodyguard for King Christian. Now, for whom must all of Denmark be the bodyguard?6. What are your feelings about courage and ordinary people being courageous? (end of chapter)Chapter 4Ball- a big dance that royalty attendStomp - to walk with very heavy stepsGlowering - angry*Exasperated - frustrated, to not know what to doSputtered - not smooth*Outgrown - to grow so that something doesnt fit*Examine - to look very closely at something*Designated - to set aside for a purpose*Occupation forces - the soldiers of a foreign country which stay in the country that they are at war withAblaze - on fireSubmerged - completely under water*Chatterbox - someone who is always talkingSynagogue - a Jewish church*Tense - nervous, not relaxedDismay - disappointedBriskly - quicklyPout - to show child like temper*Congregation - the group of people that attend a church*Stunned - shockedSob - to cry out loud1. What is Ellens talent?2. Why doesnt Kirsti like her new shoes?3. What is Ellens father going to do to make the shoes nicer?4. What happened at the end of July? Why did Kirsti think it happened? What really happened?5. Why do the Rosens change their plans about the New Year celebration? 6. What is relocation?7. How are the Johansens going to hide Ellen? Why do you think they are going to help the Rosens?Chapter 5Imperious - commanding, majestic like manners*Haul you off - take you away*Star of David - the religious symbol of the JewsPound - to hit with a lot of forceMurmur - to speak softlyBreeze - soft wind*Contentedly - happily*Abruptly - suddenlyHolster - the carrier for a gun*Blur - something that is unclear when you look at it*Clasp - the part of a necklace that hold it togetherHarsh - mean, sternWailing - screaming and cryingFists would fly - hitting angrily*Winced- to draw away from something that is unpleasant*From the milkman - to imply that the mother had a child with some other than the man she is married to*Unwavering - unmovingTeething ring - a small toy that a baby chews on when its teeth are coming inGrinding - to crush and twistClutch - hold*Imprinted - to leave the shape of somethingPalm - inside of hand1. What do you learn about Lise?2. What does Ellen think t hat the worst thing in the world is? What does this foreshadow (predict)?3. What does Annemarie think about dangers? What does this foreshadow (predict)?4. Who came to the apartment late at night?5. What did Annemarie do with Ellens necklace? Why?6. Why did Annemaries father tear the pictures from the album?7. Compare the descriptions of the soldiers in this chapter to the descriptions in chapter 1.8. Do you think that Annemarie was brave? Why?9. Was it worth it for the Johansens to help the Rosens? Why?Chapter 6*Suspicious - to wonder or to think something might be true*Bald - to have no hair*Eased - relaxedMeadow - a low grassy field*Code - when something really means something elseStrolled - to walk casually, relaxed*Distorted - to make something an abnormal shape*Heart sank - to become disappointedChuckled - laughedPrance - to move lightly (like a deer)*Outskirts - edge - outsideWagging - to move back and forthClearing - a place with no trees1. How is helping the Rosens helping the Johansens?2. Did Mr. Rosen go with his family to Uncle Henriks house? Why?3. What is Henriks job?4. What did Papa mean when he told Uncle Henrik that he would bring him some Cigarettes?5. Why did the soldiers ask if they were going to Uncle Henriks for the New Year?6. What were they afraid that Ellen would tell the soldiers?7. Why do you think they walked through the woods instead of the road?8. What memories does Annemaries mother have?Chapter 7*Damp- a little wetShoreline- the edge of the oceanPurring- the sound a cat makes when it is happyApplesauce- a sweet dessert made from ground applesOutline- to go around the outsideScandinavia - the northeast part of Europe, including Swede, Denmark, Norway, Finland*Tidy - clean*Tuck in - to be put into bed, to have some one tell you good night while you are in bed1. What is Ellens mother afraid of?2. How far is Sweden?3. Why did the girls need to stay away from the people while they were at Uncle Henriks?4. What did Annemarie do with Ellens necklace?5. This chapter ends Tonight there was no laughter at all. How is this different from before? Why does it end this way? What does this mean? What does this foreshadow (predict)?Chapter 8Haze - unclear, cloudy*Daybreak - the beginning of the day when the sun comes up*Irritated - to be bothered by somethingWindow sill- the edge at the bottom of a window*Gesturing - movement of the hands to show meaningBooming - very loudFaucet- the place where water comes into a sinkTo lie at anchor- to stop a ship in the water with a very heavy weight*Burial - the ceremony of putting someones body into the ground after they have died*Grouch- not in a good mood, angry, unhappy1. Who is Thor, the God of Thunder?2. Why is cream a treat?3. What do you think of Kirstis joke on page 68?4. What is the Kattegat?5. Who is Blossom?6. What does Mama tell Uncle Henrik that he needs? Why?7. What does Uncle Henrik mean when he said tomorrow will be a day for fishing?8. Who has died? Does this person really exist?9. Why do you think they are having a funeral for this Aunt?Chapter 9*Pulse - the beat of a heartUdder - the part of a cow that milk comes from*Dismayed - disappointedHearse - the car that carries dead people to the cemeterySulking - to be silent because of sadness or anger*Casket - the box that dead people are buried in*Mourners - the people who are sad because of a death*Urgency - importance necessity nervousness1. Why is Annemarie angry with her mother?2. Does Annemarie think that she is brave?3. Uncle Henrik says that it is easier for a person to be brave when they dont know everything. Do you agree? Why or why not?4. Why is it safer for Ellen and Kirsti to believe that Aunt Birte has died?5. How is this funeral different from Lises? Why?6. Who returned with Uncle Henrik?7. What emotions does Peter bring?8. What do you think will happen next? Do you still think its worth it for the Johansens to help the Rosens?Chapter 10*Bond - something that hold two things or two people togetherSurge - to rise suddenly to a higher level*Dozed - to sleep*Tensed - not relaxed*Condescending - to act like you are better than another personGaze - sight, to look atCoffin -casketTyphus - a dangerous disease that gives a red rash and body lice, etc.Germs - the small particles that transmit diseases*Swift - fast*Extinguished - to put a fire outMantel - the shelf over a fireplacePsalm - a verse of scripture*Ancient - very old*Cruel - mean1. How does Mrs. Johansen explain the gathering of so many people at Uncle Henrik house to the soldiers?2. What does the soldier ask Annemarie?3. Why is it strange that the casket is closed?4. What does this Psalm mean to you? Why do you think Peter chose this Psalm to read? Why do you think the words of the Psalm were chosen as the title for the book?5. The chapter ends, Now is the time. Explain.6. Is there anything in your life that brings your strength like the Bible did for them?7. Why does Annemarie think the world is too big, too cold, and too cruel? Have you ever thought this?Chapter 11*Shabby - old and worn to the point that it looks badEncased - to completely surround or enclose*Protruding - to stick out*Puzzled - confused*Commotion - disturbance1. How do the people prepare?2. Why is the packet important? Who needs it? Why didnt Mr. Rosen ask Peter anything about the packet that Peter gave him?3. Why do you think Peter calls Annemaries mother by her name, Inge, instead of Mrs. Johansen?4. Why is Uncle Henrik going to take the Rosens and the other people?5. What does Annemarie mean when she says, So there were other sources too, of pride, and they had not left everything behind.?Chapter 12*Trip - to stumble or fall while walkingBalanced - to remain uprightStumble- to fall or lose balance*Route - pathGnarled - twistedSure-footed -confidentHorizon -the line where the earth and sky come together*Imitating - to act like you are someone elseFling - to throw with force*Peered - to look carefully1. Why does Annemaries mother have to lead the Rosens to the boats? Why cant they go themselves?2. Why did Annemarie cry when the Rosens leave?3. Why does Annemarie think it is harder for the ones waiting-like Papa-than it is for those who are involved?4. What does Annemarie realize as soon as she wakes up in the wee hours of the morning?5. Where does Annemarie find her mother?Chapter 13*Wince - to draw away because something hurtsProper- correct, suitable, right*Drunkard - someone who drinks too much alcoholHobbled - to walk unsteadily, to favor one leg while walking*Swollen - to increase in size*Murmured - to speak quietly*Empty-headed - to not think of anything important1. What happened to Annemaries mother?2. Did the Rosens make it safely to Henrik boat?3. What does Annemarie find on the ground?4. How do they hide the packet?5. Why didnt Annemaries mother tell her what was in the packet?6. Why should she act like a silly girl if anyone stopped her?7. What do you think made Annemarie leave on such a dangerous mission?Chapter 14Donned - woreBulky - thick, bigGarments - clothing*Shifted - movedCloak - coatInterrupt - to begin speaking while someone else is trying to talkScampering - to move quicklyVivid - clear and lively*Segment - partBrusque -quick and impolite*Battered - beat up, oldWailing - crying loudlyEarache - when someones ear hurts because of sicknessContainers - used to store things*Prolong - to make something last longerGrowl- an angry animal noiseGulls- a kind of bird*Glittering - shining, sparkling1. What story does Annemarie go over in her head as she is running through the woods?2. To whom did Annemarie used to tell the story?3. Why do you think the author mixes the story and the real-life adventure of Annemarie in this chapter?4. At the end of the chapter, Annemarie really does hear some noises. From where do they come?Chapter 15*Pretend - act like you are something that you are notLeash - the thing you put around a dogs neck so that you control it*Raw - not cooked*Exasperated - frustrated, impatientInsolent - to be disrespectful and rudeIdiot - stupidFroze - to not be able to moveCaustic - bitter, unpleasant*Choke - to not be able to breathe because something is in the air passage1. Who does Annemarie want to act like while talking


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