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精品文档初中英语完形填空练习题The moon, our 1 , travels 2 the Earth. It has 3 been visited by man in spaceships.Man-made satellites have been sent up 4 space by many countries. They go round 5 . We used them 6 us to learn more 7 the Earth, the weather and other things. They are also used to 8 and receive massages. It makes people 9 different countries understand each other better. So people say the world itself is becoming a much 10 place.( 1. A. satellite B. satellites C. Sun D. Earth( 2.A.on B. near C. round D. before( 3.A. just B. never C. before D. already( 4.A. to B. into C. in D. over( 5.A.the Sun B. the Earth C. The Moon D. the Sea( 6.A.help B. helping C. to help D. helped( 7.A.about B. for C. of D. on( 8.A.send B. sending C. sends D. sent( 9.A.come B. comes C. from D. form( 10.A.larger B. bigger C. small D. smallerA satellite是卫星,且用单数 (这里our. 应该是the moon的同位语,描述的就是the moonC 绕地球转D 已经被人类拜访过了A 人造卫星是发射到太空的B 人造卫星绕地球转C 用来帮助我们,达到某个目的(动词)用toA 发现更多关于地球的奥秘A 被用来做某事,+的应该是动词原形,而be used to doing是习惯于做某事,不符句意,其实这题是送分的,后面的是receive 原形就看出了C 来自不同国家的人D 根据意思,这使得世界好象变小了,变小了用比较级,much 后面就是跟比较级的阅读下面短文,掌握大意,然后从A 、B 、C 、D 四个选项中选出最佳选项。My son Joey was born with club feet. The doctors said that with treatment he would be able to walk, but would never run very well. The first three years of his life was 1 in hospital. By the time he was eight, you wouldnt know he has a problem when you saw him 2 .Children in our neighborhood always ran around 3 their play, and Joey would jump and ran and play, 4 . We never told him that he probably wouldnt be 5 to run like the other children. So he didnt know.In 6 grade he decided to join the school running team. Every day he trained. He ran more than any of the others, 7 only the top seven runners would be chosen to run for the 8 . We didnt tell him he probably would never make the team, so he didnt know.He ran four to five mile every day - even when he had a fever. I was 9 , so I went to 10 him after school. I found him running 11 . I asked him how he felt. “Okay,” he said. He has two more miles to go. Yet he looked straight ahead and kept 12 .Two weeks later, the names of the team 13 were caked. Joey was number six on the list. Joey had 14 the team. He was in seventh grade - the other six team members were all eighth graders. We never told him he couldnt do it so he didnt know. He just 15 it.1. A. spent B. taken C. cost D. paid2. A. talk B. sit C. study D. walk3. A. after B. before C. during D. till4. A. either B. too C. though D. yet5. A. able B. sorry C. glad D. afraid6. A. sixth B. seventh C. eighth D. ninth7. A. so B. if C. then D. because8. A. neighborhood B. familyC. school D. grade9. A. excited B. tiredC. pleased D. worried10. A. think about B. hear fromC. agree with D. look for11. A. alone B. away C. almost D. already12. A. riding B. walkingC. playing D. running13. A. jumpers B. runnersC. doctors D. teachers14. A. got B. kept C. made D. found15. A. did B. had C. left D. took(Keys:1. A 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. D 8. C 9. D 10. D 11. D 12. D 13. B 14. C 15. DShirley Yeats is certainly a very brave woman! At the age of sixty-seven, she 1 to take a trip round the coast(海岸 of Malaysia. Everything was fine 2 one day, as she was going back to her room on the 3 , she saw smoke coming out of another room. She 4 the captain from her room at once and told him about the fire. Then she went up on deck(甲板 to see 5 she could do to help. The fire spread(蔓延 very quickly and soon 6 was completely out of control. The captain decided to get all the passengers out as 7 as possible.1. A. stopped B. usedC. had D. decided2. A. since B. afterC. until D. before3. A. way B. shipC. land D. road4. A. phoned B. toldC. asked D. ordered5. A. if B. howC. what D. where6. A. she B. heC. that D. it7. A. quickly B. muchC. well D. usually1. 由上下文可知她决定去旅游,decided to do sth.意为“决定做某事”。2. 根据下文可知直到火灾发生的那一天情况一切正常。3. 从下文的captain, deck,可确定她是乘船去旅游。4. 由下文的from her room可知她马上打电话将情况告诉了船长。5. 根据上下文可知她走上甲板去看看能不能帮忙做点儿什么。6. 由上文的The fire spread very quickly,可知大火无法控制了。7. as quickly as意为“尽快地”(Keys: 1. D 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. C6. D 7. AAt our school, we sometimes have a special day to help others. Last year we went to an old peoples 1 and sang songs and performed a play for 2 . The old people were very 3 . We should be allowed to take time to do things like that more often. For example, we should 4 primary schools and help 5 young students. I want to be a teacher 6 Im older so it would be a great experience for me. Other students would like to do other jobs. For example, my friend Tian Ge wants to 7 for a newspaper. She should be allowed to volunteer at the newspaper office once a week.1. A. home B. bank C. shop D. river2. A. us B. them C. him D. her3. A. great B. angry C. smart D. happy4. A. buy B. have C. visit D. build5. A. tell B. ask C. teach D. find6. A. how B. when C. where D. why7. A. write B. wait C. look D. pay首句At our school, we sometimes have a special day to help others.有提纲挈领之效,简明扼要地提示我们,作者的学校有一个特殊的日子,那就是帮助别人献爱心的日子。有助于我们理解全文。甚至让我们毫不犹豫地确认1空应添单词home.(Keys:1. A 2. B 3. D 4. C 5. C 6. B 7. AMr. Johnson had a factory. He once 1 on TV that animals could be taught to 2 some work for people if they were given 3 to eat. He loved the idea. He thought it would be 4 to have a dog look after his 5 and an elephant do some heavy jobs 6 his factory. He bought a dog 7 an elephant in the market and decided to teach them to do some work for him. Of course. he 8 bought a lot of food for them. Several months later,the dog a


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