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1、第二部分 :阅读理解A rM dern Sevic sWheyou e wo ing a ll tim job, tudyi g o e h tfor wo , if can feel x austin、 T e ood news is that oder tec nolg has m de life easieri ma ways, n w h ol owin vices, you l dy u hav more time nd e e gy f r the th ngs th tmt er、Mea ki del ve y servi esM al it de iv ry se vices

2、ar onof the most u timate(低估; 瞧清) nnoaion (创新;改革)of the21st cn u、 How ey wor simple 、At t e eginning yo hoos h w y pe ple ee to eatin you h us ld 、 Then, what y di tar req reme sare, a dany other prefer nes、 Final y, you t t choos ch ek ts willbe delivered to ou d or、 o matter yo r iet, ou ca have a

3、n a propr at m al kit ivered、 Fo xam e, ch k t ese low carb me l deliv ry o tio s、 T e t e lete ith all t e ing edie you need, alrad repared、 All you haveto do to foll he sim le r cipe tput them togt and op your e in t oven、Wi h me l k t d l e y,yodont h ve t worr abutspndingmon yon t keout、 Y ur tr

4、 ps tot e ro ery store wilr ad you ll wasless moneyan f od、o king r bee eaTask a bit e o themos frust ati g s cts of aving lac ycallour is th t you have o t e ca e of he m inte ance(维修)、 Eve if youare r nting,th e are ert in tasks at u adlord llexpec yo to see to,whe era le y t p a pr b ema ic lectr

5、ic la li nce、 or this ,Taskrbbit connects u wi freel cers who ar ingtoake on jus bout any ta k for ou、 You ca hire om n to t ke careofy u le k ta the th ns endi g you o n time and ene gdoin it 、 Youre givi g some ne work w ile enjo ng your ti e ff 、Pos ma esFinall , o e th m st c n e ient and u ef l

6、 se vice s, fcourse, Pos m t s、 ith Post es, yo an e u about nythi gdelivered r de vers meth g our elf、 Yo an get so eo e o do yu gr cer e fo ou simp y a e a list of at you ne nd hose wh t er theshopper sho ld call youif o t i gi ut r ifthecand ideonlacementsthe elves、We live ng tin an age of conv i

7、ence,a d we sho ld take ad antage of t、bov ervi es and oullsyo r stre s le e s d op、Start1、W t w l pe plefi o to enj yMealit delivery sevi e?A 、To eck osome p ions、To popyomeal nTo confir e he oven、ct umber f peop e、T oll w the sim le recpeto ut thtogether、32、Whdotheee Mode nerv ces ha e on?A 、Theya

8、n help eoplsave ney、B、ll the Modern S rvices are top-le l 、C、T ey cnm kp o asily en oy th il e、D、Young peol showthei preference for thetree Mod rnS r ice、33、?Wh r s e 、 A m azin、passage most B、 A book ikely t review 、b ken om ?C、 A o el、D、Ag ebook、BLast summer, K ti S ller lled f th ree y on her ay

9、to wrk i Minn apo s、 Shesi ting with a si a king for toppeat a traf ic l g , where elp、 he r lled d w r indo 、m n was“H y!”she shoute、“ I mdri ing a ound i ing free haircu 、If I o yc ai , o you w nt one r gt no? ” e ma okto be in h s 60s、He was balding , and missi a few t、 s telleliked to tell t ory

10、 ,heghed, henp sed、“ctully,”hs i ,“ I have a unerltoo to this week 、 I was r ahopi g g t a h irc t、 ”Stelle pu ledout a redc a rf o he a and hel ed themancut his hair m ed a y、 Af ethe o kwasfinished , Edwa d ookd in a mirro 、 “I l ok good ! he said、Unti las ar, tel e ad iven u air t topeopleliving

11、the ar ins(边缘) aou dhe it、 Sh wa keenly w re tep er ofh clean p 、“ It s morethan a ut,” h ad、 “ I want it to b a a ay,to sho val e ndrespect,but lso o g t tkn w pe pl、I a uil r lationshi s、 Sel er kn w t t ah ir t co ld hangea fe、 O changed hers:A een, shes ffere from a sever ease, her hair hinned d

12、rasti ally 、S e g hi , her o h rar nged for Stell f st roessionalh ircut 、“T t downand ha e som odylook at me a t lk to e li e person a d ot justailln ss, i helped m e lcared about an l salone, ” e sa、Aft r th t,Stel er ew she wa ted to hh r wn salo (美容厅) soshe ould helppeopl feel the way h d elt t

13、t y、 Not l ngafter fiishing c s etol y sc olin 2 09, e beganwhatse now c ll rRed Ch ir Pro e t, rea hingout t p ople o thes e s、 Heraim w sth t by oi g e ind c ,others w u be nspired tospr ad th r own、“ Par whab ok myh ar s j st how l n y people loo d, ” she a d、“It ught maybe d ro nd and a k if pe

14、ple antree hai cu s、 cant ixthei pr blem, ut mayb I can hel them fee le a oe for a mo e t、 ” l b a wi h eief n simp t ofkindn s, sh asa free h ircut 、 “The way ys ow up n thew rldm tt r, ” s i Stelle、 “ o have noi ea tpeople a e goit do w th th indnsshatyou givethem、 ”34、 ? HowdidSt l e react o t e

15、man aski g f r he p?、S e d atten on、B、Sh o fered a freehircut t im、C、 Sh sent a red c air to im aapr e t、D、S e told a int restingt ry tomke im ha p、W a d dS elle mean sayin “ s m re thana hairut ”inparagraph 6?、She tho gh i aa rep c l job 、B、 Sad und m re ad n a es orthe job 、C、 Sh considered ai cut

16、s wa m ke fr en s、D、 Shehopedher job ould mak a differ n e t o hers、36、 ? Wh t di Sell r x ect rom Re hair Poj t?A 、 To earn a lot of m ney、?B、T k ow m r people、C、 T pa sd wn thekin ness、?、Tmake ers lf a dou、3、Wh t o l be ebest title f the passage?、 A Cut Ab ve、A Be utifulS lo 、C、Th Good e ief 、D、 T

17、he Miracle ofLo e、Why s po rty so di icu l kly to v st i heir ow t over? hy re po re e ple leslern ng and ab lity developme t, but moeli e yto be ad i t d otelevis on nd vid ga es?In e past, a p r persn aorm l yco sidto h ebad hara eo have no m it o、 Banerjeec rresuc vi sane in th ono ics ehindt e p

18、oor、 Po r peop e tend to livewith ore worries n their ,he sa d,s heneedtools ucas tele isions , cephone ,junfoo andvideo games to r li vwor e more t an ot ers、 But estme tin l a n ng oftentakes along ti e toget r rs,whitp r r ofte i aien due toeconomic easo,a the r li e i the mean im i get ing m re

19、worrisom an oring 、Thago s oe lth 、 Banerjee an i ife fi dthat thpoorspen t e same mou of m n y nd tim ,or e en o on h althand med cal care than the iddl c as group , b t they t nd to get ad effe s、T e reasonis that th poor often l k the s ntia m ical a d heal hyn wle ge and they t d to ge m dcal tr

20、 tment wh n the dis a e has wosen d acertan stae、 e ides, t ey te dto trust th d t rs wo “ i ongm d cinebecau e t e ieve sudoctors are t “goo ” ones、 utin fa t,“ stro medici e”alwys leads tor sistanc o drug an over amn、 his ki f attit de, hic m size t eatmen ath r anea ly reve tion,ha brough man p o

21、rpeople e o om stressanphysi dam ge, n e en haf e t d t educ ion of the r next generation、 Accordin to t tudy,hi dren in p r r h sical o d tion ten osp nd les ti ei cho a have l we nes ftergr du ti ,sopoverty t “irited 、When it esto na e, a er s esea chha f u d that the o r ft n ne d to borro itt ea

22、n short te m oans whi e ayingext eel hig in e st rate、 It is al o because the po t nd to t e hghe inancial risk - they oft n h ve uns ab e in and are unabl to g tworkingcapitalfro bank ,so ey ymoro t egh interest l ans、 An these small oan put a bake n heir sa i gs ag in t ris 、H w could the poo s ei

23、 o the m ddle c s? Maybe st rti abusiness ia wayo、u for the ext emelypo,ts mposs b eo ge h apit l they n e to s ar a busi ess、 I o c ses, m rep tical p io i ting a j in go e n en agencies bcauspa ativ ly spe i , o ern n job re r table, hi hgi e he or he opp rt n ties to h e f r he l ng t rm,to i cre

24、 e h rag f t eir thi ki g and us ena g familie to move fro po ty e mi e clas、Banerj e rese ch provi ea newv ewp intf governm nts und rstand pov ty, s th tpolicies canbe t ilor dto de reapove tand ul mat y(最终) move、8、 ?How do th p o d l withthei u f a h?、Th ys e d less m ney inpre ntin sease、Th f cus

25、 more nthe is asethan erlyprevention 、 he sal ythi k t e sent a o resist strong me ici e、T eyovernme t 、arewling oget f eemedica trea me t fro the39、Fromthe u d rlin d sentene, weanl arn tha _、?A、p e y i rod edbythe poorB、po erti assed down b h rr ts、 o e y hassombadefe tsn the o、poverty c usepeoplt

26、obeamo e cnomic stress40。Ban r ee ns ders it d ficult toverp ver y b a se_ _ _、thepoorha ead ha c r ha e namb ion、thpoor pref r to inv st ibus ness at er t an w kC、the over menhasn tak n ro erand eff ctiv measreD、 he poor weretroubled by theilive ,he thand nace、What can we arn fr he passage??A、The p

27、ooh e at achedim o a ce to educat n、B、Thegovernmencantprovidethejob for the poor、C、All the oone d to s a t a usiness for thir survival、D、Ba r es research is elpful for t e go ernment to g t ridof overt、DN c a e er y a con over al topi 。 There ha bee idesread pu lic debateover it。I seems t tthe unc e

28、ar ene yis eth r a hu e is s rwa ting to happe thea l- w r ulway of t e uture、It is of n be iev d that nucle r ergy is somet ing e an not do with ut、 We live a onsum r oci ty it uge dem d for er alproducts of a k n s、 esi s, n ncrease i ind str l p duc i consi ered to s utiontothepro mo assunemploym

29、e t 、Su han cre eassumes an abu dant nd ch ap n rgy ly 、 M y p op e beleve n clear e e g p ovide ane dl ssndeconomical sourc fpowe and hat it s h refore unda enta foanindus rially evelopingsociety、 Amo g o h r advantages s th t n cl arpower, exceptfo ac e ts, is clean、 A furth r a anta i at a nul r

30、power station ca be run and maint i e by relat vely fe echn cal nd m nistrative taf、 Th nuclear react r(核反应堆)represents g ea ep inour s en i evolution d, wht e anti- ucl a goup says, it wrongto expect urnt mor p mi iv sourof el、Howeve , pponents(peop e whoop ose o thi ) f nu ea enr y o t ha uc earpo

31、 est tion rin a dire t angenotonly to heen ronmen but alsoto civillib r es(自由 )、 Envi onmen a istsa gu n helong un uclearen r y ste valuab resources an d stur s he cology to an e tent which co l ri g a out e str ct of thehu ace、 urthe more, it questio ablew e her unclear po e a ch asourceof n gy hen

32、 ev rythin isconsid re、 Th re have, for exa le, b en vey co accid ts n er c, in Br tain and, of c ur e, in ussia、 The possibilit of ncrea i te cos ofur ium( 铀) n add t o to the ost f re er a etro isions( 供应品)c ld pri e nuc earowe o t f the mar e、 n it of the case against c e ergya o e, nucle r ener

33、y p o ra mes are xpa ding,w ich s me o inu l grow hinindustrialproducti n a co s mer d mand、Howe e, it s oubtf l wheh r is growth wi or an ont nu、Hav g ig d up e arg en n b th de, it seems t at herea e goo economic ndecologi l reaso sfo so rces of ener y ot er thannucle r ower、42.W the wri r satitud toward nuc ear energy??A。 Obj ci e、 .Ne ative、?。 lerant、?D pp ect i e、4。A co ingto t e o ponnts, wh h f the ol ing is true of nucl ar ee y?。 imitive 、 .Enle s?C。 Cheap、D 。Unsaf 、44.S e op e be


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