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1、CONTENTS01The scope of gender discrimination02The reason why gender discrimination exists03Progress in eliminating gender discrimination04Conclusion 第1页/共15页1The scope of gender discrimination第2页/共15页 What is gender discrimination?Different rightsDifferent responsibilitiesDifferent treatment第3页/共15页

2、 Have you ever found gender discrimination in your life?Finding a jobRole in familyWoman is usually responsible for all the housework in family. Man only or woman only第4页/共15页Gender discrimination in the worldThere are only few jobs provided for women in India even in nowadays. Young pretty girls ar

3、e easily insulted by men in language.In a quite long history of China, women are asked to give birth to boys.British women cant vote until 1918.第5页/共15页2The reason why gender discrimination exists第6页/共15页 Causes for gender discriminationWhy?In the early stage of social society, peoples survival requ

4、ires physical labor which men perform much better than women.No matter in western culture of eastern culture, women are usually put in a lower place of the whole society. And traditional culture of boy preference is deeply imbedded into their blood.Because women are most housewives, they lack of eco

5、nomic support. So they live a life far away from politics. Laws and regulations are issued by men only.In ancient times, women do not get the same education opportunity as men do. This also increase the gender difference between men and women.Division of laborCulturePoliticsEducationSolutions 第7页/共1

6、5页3Progress in eliminating gender discrimination第8页/共15页Womans rights movementWoman fighting for their rights can stem from 200 years ago. It first started in France then British, and finally it spread to all the European country. Womens suffrage movement was the highlight of this campaign. From the

7、n on, womens social status is gradually elevated.suffrage: the right to vote(选举权)第9页/共15页CHANGESFemale manager50%75%Girl preferenceThe statistic has shown that womans social status has greatly improved. Gender discrimination has been improved a lot.第10页/共15页 CHANGESWomen who entering management level or professional industry has boosted from 26.1% to 51.4%.Management 51.4%In the next 10 years, 13 out of 15 fast-growing job categories will be dominated by women.Future industry13/15第11页/共15页4Conclusions 第12页/共15页Conclusion We can not compromise on gender discrimination, maybe we


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