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1、-. z.历年大学英语四级完形填空真题及其答案2006年6月大学英语四级完形填空真题及其答案第四局部、完形填空Part IV Cloze (15 minutes)The part of the environmental movement that draws my firms attention is the design of cities. buildings and products. When we designed Americas first so-called green office building in New York two decades 71, we felt v

2、ery alone. But today, thousands of people e to green building conferences, and the 72 that buildings can be good for people and the environment will be increasingly influential in years to 73 .Back in 1984 we discovered that most manufactured products for decoration werent designed for 74 use. The e

3、nergy-efficient sealed mercial buildings constructed after the 1970s energy crisis 75 indoor air quality problems caused by materials such as paint, wall covering and carpet. So far 20 years. weve been focusing on these materials 76 to the molecules, looking for ways to make them 77 for people and t

4、he planet.Home builders can now use materials-such as paints that release significantly _78_ amounts of organic pounds -that dont 79 the quality of the air, water, or soil. Ultimately. 80_, our basic design strategy is focused not simply on being less bad but on creating 81 healthful materials that

5、can be either safely returned to the soil _82_ reused by industry again and again. As a matter of _83, the worlds largest carpet manufacturer has already _ 84_ a carpet that is fully and safely recyclable (可循环用的).Look at it this way: No one _85 out to create a building that destroys the planet. But

6、our current industrial systems are 86 causing these conditions, whether we like it or not. So 87_ of simply trying to reduce the damage, we are _88_ a positive approach. Were giving people high-quality, healthful products and an opportunity to make choices that have a 89 effect on the world. Its not

7、 just the building industry, either. 90_ cities are taking these environmentally positive approaches to design, planning and building. Portland, Seattle and Boston have said they want to be green cities. Chicago wants to be the greenest city in the world.71. A) ago C) before B) off D) away72. A) pra

8、ctice C) idea B) outlook D) scheme73. A) go C) arrive B) e D) continue74. A) indoor C) relevant B) inward D) fle*ible75. A) displayed C) e*hibited B) discovered D) revealed76. A) back C) ne*t B) down D) near77. A) fortable C) safe B) cautious D) stable78. A) reduced C) descended B) revised D) delaye

9、d79. A) deny C) dissolve B) depress D) destroy80. A) besides C) anyhow B) however D) anyway81. A)partially C) pletely B) e*actly D) superficially82.A)or C) but B)and D) nor83. A) interest C) principle B) fact D) course84. A) sketched C) researched B) constructed D) developed85. A) starts C) looks B)

10、 pulls D) makes86. A) basically C) traditionally B) originally D) inevitably87. A) because C) instead B) out D) regardless88. A) adjusting C) adopting B) admitting D) adapting89. A) functional C) precious B) beneficial D) sensible90. A) Entire C) Full B) Total D) plete完形填空答案71. A) ago 72. C) idea 73

11、. B) e 74. A) indoor 75. D) revealed 76. B) down 77. C) safe 78. A) reduced 79. D) destroy 80. B) however 81. C) pletely 82. A) or 83.B) fact 84.D) developed 85.A) starts 86.D) inevitably 87. C) instead 88.C) adopting 89.B) beneficial 90. A) Entire 2005年12月大学英语四级完形填空真题及其答案Part 4 Cloze As a physician

12、 who travels quite a lot, I spend a lot of time on planes listening for that dreaded Is there a doctor on board announcement. Ive been 71 only once for a woman who had merely fainted. But the 72 made me quite curious about how 73 this kind of thing happens I wondered what I would do if 74 with a rea

13、l midair medical emergency-with out access 75 a hospital staff and the usual emergency equipment. So 76 the New England Journal of Medicine last week 77 a study about in flight medical events. I read it 78 interest. The study estimated that there are a(n) 79 of 30 in-flight medical emergencies on U.

14、S. flights every day. Most of them are not 80;fainting and dizziness are the most frequent plaints. 81 13% of them roughly four a day are serious enough to 82 a pilot to change course. The most mon of the serious emergencies 83 heart trouble. strokes, and difficulty breathing. Lets face it: plane ri

15、des are 84.For starters, cabin pressures at high altitudes are set at roughly 85 they would be if you lived at 5,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level. Most people can tolerate these pressures pretty 86 ,but passengers with heart disease 87 e*perience chest pains as result of the reduced amount of o*yge

16、n flowing through their blood. 88 mon in-flight problem is deep venous thrombosis the so-called economy class syndrome (综合症).89 happens, dont panic. Things are getting better on the in-flight-emergency front. Thanks to more recent legislation, flights with at 90 one attendant are starting to install

17、 emergency medical kits to treat heart attacks. 71 A)called C)Informed B)addressed D)surveyed 72 A)Accident C)incident B)condition D)disaster73 A)soon C)many B)long D)often74 A)confronted C)identified B)treated D)provided75 A)for C)by B)to D)through 76 A)before C)when B)since D)while77 A)collected C

18、)discovered B)conducted D)published78 A)by C)with B)of D)in79 A)amount C)sum B)average D)number80 A)significant C)mon B)heavy D)serious81 A)For C)But B)On D)So82 A)require C)engage B)inspire D)mand83 A)include C)imply B)confine D)contain 84 A)enjoyable C)tedious B)stimulating D)stressful85 A)who C)w

19、hich B)what D)that86 A)harshly C)easily B)reluctantly D)casually87 A)ought to C)used to B)may D)need88 A)Any C)Other B)One D)Another89 A)Whatever C)Whenever C)Whichever D)Wherever90 A)most C)least B)worst D)best 完形填空答案:71-80 AADAB CDCBD81-90 CAADB CBDAC2005年6月大学英语四级完形填空真题及其答案这次考短文问答Part IV Short Ans

20、wer QuestionsWemonly think of sportsmanship in connection with athletic contests, but it also applies to individual outdoor sports. Not everyone who picks up a fishing rod or goes out with a gun is a sportsman. The sportsman first of all obeys the fish and game laws, not because he is liable to be p

21、unished as a violator, but because he knows that in the main these laws are made for his best interests. The following are some of the things that those who would qualify for membership in the sportsmanship fraternity (圈内人) will do.1. Take no more game than the bag limit provided for by the fish and

22、 game laws. The person who es back from a trip boasting about the large number of fish or game taken is not a sportsman but a game hog (贪得无厌的捕猎者) .2. Observe the unwritten rules of fair play. This means shooting game birds only when the birds are on the wing. For the same reason, do not use a shotgu

23、n to shoot a rabbit or similar animal while it is sitting or standing still.3. Be careful in removing illegal or undersized fish from the hook. This should be done only after wetting the hands. This is necessary because the body of the fish is covered with a thin, protective film which will stick to

24、 your dry hands. If the hands are dry when the fish is handled, the film is torn from the body of the fish. Without the protective film, the fish is more easily attacked by diseases. If you wish to release a fish that is hooked in such a way that it will be impossible to be close to the hook as conv

25、enient. In a remarkably short time, the hook will break down and the fish will remain almost unharmed. Fish have been known to feed successfully while hooks were still in their lips.4. Be sure of the identity of your target before you shoot. Many useful and harmless species of wildlife are thoughtle

26、ssly killed by the uninformed person who is out with a gun to kill whatever flies within range.S1. In what respect does the author think individual outdoor sports are similar to athletic contests _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _S2. A person who goes out fishing with a fishing rod or hunting with a gun is not nec

27、essarily _. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _S3. Whats the most important thing a true sportsman should bear in mind when he goes fishing or hunting _. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _S4.Those who violate the fish and game laws will not be _ for membership in the sportsmanship fraternity. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _S5. What are peopl

28、e called when they break the bag limit and boast about their big catch _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _S6. A true sportsman will not shoot an animal which is not _S7. What are people advised to do before they remove illegal or undersized fish from the hook _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _S8. What should sportsman do to avoid

29、 killing rare species of wildlife _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Part IV Short Answer Questions答案S1. Both of them are in mon with sportsmanshipS2. a sportsmanS3. To obey the law.S4. qualifiedS5. A game hog.S6. movingS7. To wet their hands.S8. They should know the identity of the target.2005年1月大学英语四级完形填空真题及其答案第四

30、局部、完形填空Part IV Cloze (15 minutes)Direction:There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet wi

31、th a single line through the centre. Wise buying is a positive way in which you can make your money go further. The _61_ you go about purchasing an article or a service can actually _62_ you money or can add _63_ the cost.Take the _64_ e*ample of a hairdryer. If you are buying a hairdryer, you might

32、 _65_ that you are making the _66_ buy if you choose one _67_ look you like and which is also the cheapest _68_ price. But when you get it home you may find that it _69_ twice as long as a more e*pensive _70_ to dry your hair. The cost of the electricity plus the cost of your time could well _71_ yo

33、ur hairdryer the most e*pensive one of all.So what principles should you _72_ when you go out shoppingIf you _73_ your home, your car or any valuable _74_ in e*cellent condition, youll be saving money in the long _75_.Before you buy a new _76_, talk to someone who owns one. If you can, use it or bor

34、row it to check it suits your particular _77_.Before you buy an e*pensive _78_, or a service, do check the price and _79_ is on offer. If possible, choose _80_ three items or three estimates.61. A) form B) fashion C) way D) method62. A) save B) preserve C) raise D) retain63. A) up B) to C) in D) on6

35、4. A) easy B) single C) simple D) similar65. A) convince B) accept C) e*amine D) think66. A) proper B) best C) reasonable D) most67. A) its B) which C) whose D) what68. A) for B) with C) in D) on69. A) spends B) takes C) lasts D) consumes70. A) mode B) copy C) sample D) model71. A) cause B) make C)

36、leave D) prove72. A) adopt B) lay C) stick D) adapt73. A) reserve B) decorate C) store D) keep74. A) products B) possession C) material D) ownership75. A) run B) interval C) period D) time76. A) appliance B) equipment C) utility D) facility77. A) function B) purpose C) goal D) task78. A) ponent B) e

37、lement C) item D) particle79. A) what B) which C) that D) this80. A) of B) in C) by D) fromPart IV Cloze答案61. C)way62. A)save63. B)to64. C)simple65. D)think66. B)best67. B)whose68. C)in69. B)takes70. D)model71. B)make72. A)adopt73. D)keep74. B)possession75. A)run 76. A)appliance77. B)purpose78. C)it

38、em79. A)what80. D)from2004年6月大学英语四级完形填空真题及其答案Part IV Cloze (15 minutes) Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the co

39、rresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre. Historians tend to tell the same joke when they are describing history education in America. Its the one 61 the teacher standing in the schoolroom door 62 goodbye to students for the summer and calling 63 them, By the way,

40、 we won World War II. The problem with the joke, of course, is that its 64 funny. The recent surveys on 65 illiteracy (无知) are beginning to numb(令人震惊): nearly one third of American 17-year-olds cannot even 66 which countries the United States 67 against in that war. One third have no 68 when the Dec

41、laration of Independence was 69 . One third thought Columbus reached the New World after 1750. Two thirds cannot correctly 70 the Civil War between 1850 and 1900. 71 when they get the answers right, some are 72 guessing. Unlike math or science, ignorance of history cannot be 73 connected to loss of

42、international 74 . But it does affect our future 75 a democratic nation and as individuals. The 76 news is that there is growing agreement 77 what is wrong with the 78 of history and what needs to be 79 to fi* it. The steps are tentative (尝试性的) 80 yet to be felt in most classrooms. 61. A) about B) i

43、n C) for D) by62. A) shaking B) waving C) nodding D) speaking63. A) in B) after C) for D) up64. A) rarely B) so C) too D) not65. A) historical B) educational C) cultural D) political66. A) distinguish B) acknowledge C) identify D) convey67. A) defeated B) attacked C) fought D) struck68. A) sense B)

44、doubt C) reason D) idea69. A) printed B) signed C) marked D) edited70. A) place B) judge C) get D) lock 71. A) Even B) Though C) Thus D) So72. A) hardly B) just C) still D) ever73. A) e*clusively B) practically C) shortly D) directly74. A) petitiveness B) prehension C) munity D) mitment75. A) of B)

45、for C) with D) as76. A) fine B) nice C) surprising D) good77. A) to B) with C) on D) of78. A) consulting B) coaching C) teaching D) instructing79. A) done B) dealt C) met D) reached80. A) therefore B) or C) and D) as 4、完型填空答案61.A about 62. B waving 63.B after 64.D not 65.A historical66.C identify 67

46、.C fought 68.D idea 69.B signed 70.A place 71. A Even 72.B just 73. D directly 74. A petitiveness 75.D as 76. D good 77.C on 78. C teaching 79. A done 80.C and 2004年1月大学英语四级完形填空真题及其答案Part 4 Cloze Part IV Cloze (15 minutes)Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there

47、 are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre. Its an annual back-to-school routine. One morning you wave goodbye, and

48、that _71_ evening youre burning the late-night oil in sympathy. In the race to improve educational standards, _72_ are throwing the books at kids. _73_ elementary school students are plaining of homework _74_. Whats a well-meaning parent to do As hard as _75_ may be, sit back and chill e*perts advis

49、e. Though youve got to get them to do it, _76_ helping too much, or even e*amining _77_ too carefully, you may keep them _78_ doing it by themselves. I wouldnt advise a parent to check every _79_ assignment, says psychologist John Rosemond, author of Ending the Tough Homework. Theres a _80_ of appre

50、ciation for trial and error. Let your children _81_ the grade they deserve. Many e*perts believe parents should gently look over the work of younger children and ask them to rethink their _82_. But you dont want them to feel it has to be _83_, she says. Thats not to say parents should _84_ homework

51、- first, they should monitor how much homework their kids _85_. Thirty minutes a day in the early elementary years and an hour in _86_ four, five, and si* is standard, says Rosemond. For junior-high students it should be _87_ more than a hour and a half, and two for high school students. If your chi

52、ld _88_ has more homework than this, you may want to check _89_ other parents and then talk to the teacher about _90_ assignments.71. A. very B. e*act C. right D. usual72. A. officials B. parents C. e*perts D. schools73. A. Also B. Even C. Then D. However74. A. fatigue B. confusion C. duty D. puzzle

53、75. A. there B. we C. they D. it76. A. via B. under C. by D. for 77. A. questions B. answers C. standards D. rules78. A. off B. without C. beyond D. from79. A. single B. piece C. page D. other80. A. drop B. short C. cut D. lack81. A. acquire B. earn C. gather D. reach82. A. e*ercises B. defects C. m

54、istakes D. tests 83. A. perfect B. better C. unusual D. plete84. A. forget B. refuse C. miss D. ignore85. A. have B. prepare C. make D. perform86. A. classes B. groups C. grades D. terms87. A. about B. no C. much D. few88. A. previously B. rarely C. merely D. consistently89. A. with B. in C. out D.

55、up90. A. finishing B. lowering C. reducing D. declining71. A 72. B 73. B 74. A 75. D 76. C 77. B 78. D 79. A 80. D81. B 82. C 83. A 84. D 85. A 86. C 87. B 88. D 89. A 90. C2002年1月大学英语四级完形填空真题及其答案Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A

56、), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre. One summer night, on my way home from work I decided to see a movie. I knew the theatre would be a

57、ir-conditioned and I couldnt face my _71_ apartment. Sitting in the theatre I had to look through the _72_ between the two tall heads in front of me. I had to keep changing the _73_ every time she learned over to talk to him, _74_ he leaned over to kiss her. Why do Americans display such _75_ in a p

58、ublic place I thought the movie would be good for my English, but _76_ it turned out, it was an Italian move. _77_ about an hour I decided to give up on the movie and _78_ on my popcorn (爆玉米花). Ive never understood why they give you so much popcorn! It tasted pretty good, _79_. After a while I heard

59、 _80_ more of the romantic-sounding Italians. I just heard the _81_ of the popcorn crunching (咀嚼) between my teeth. My thought stated to _82_. I remembered when I was is South Korea (韩国), I _83_ to watch Kojak on TV frequently. He spoke perfect Korean I was really amazed. He seemed like a good frien

60、d to me, _84_ I saw him again in New York speaking _85_ English instead of perfect Korean. He didnt even have a Korean accent and I _86_ like I had been betrayed. When our family moved to the United States si* years ago, none of us spoke any English. _87_ we had begun to learn a few words, my mother

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