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1、 Unit 1 Vocabulary Exercises一、单选题 (共 100.00 分)A new town has grown up in this industrial _.D.districts正确答案:B教师评语:暂无A.appointedB.appointC.appointmentD.appointive正确答案:A教师评语:暂无3. We should try to _ all educational opportunities.A.take advantages ofB.take the advantage ofD.take advantage with正确答案:C教师评语:

2、暂无B.results inC.issued inD.lead in正确答案:A教师评语:暂无Ill tell our manager about it and ask him to _ you.A.connect toB.connect C.contact withD.contact正确答案:D教师评语:暂无A.assistantB.assistantsC.assistanceD.assisted正确答案:A教师评语:暂无A.damageB.blastedC.hurtD.destroyed正确答案:D 教师评语:暂无C.on one conditionD.in one condition正确

3、答案:C教师评语:暂无The writer used the image of corn silk(穗丝) to _ the girls hair.D.depicted正确答案:B教师评语:暂无10.He _ in finance at Claremont Mens College in CaliforniA. A.studiedC.was majoredD.was studied正确答案:B教师评语:暂无11.A.unwelcomeB.popC.popularD.popularity正确答案:C教师评语:暂无12.The doctor will see you again next week

4、. _ you must rest as much as possible.A.MeanwhileB.OtherwiseC.Also D.Moreover正确答案:A教师评语:暂无13.After the accident it took a long time before she had the _ to get on a plane again.A.encourageB.courageousC.confidentD.confidence正确答案:D教师评语:暂无14.Is it worthwhile putting so many resources toward something t

5、hat is _ a reliable thing?B.anything butC.something butD.everything but正确答案:B 教师评语:暂无15.Many Chinese students have the experience of _ an optional course becauseits size is limiteD.A.kicking out ofC.being kicked out ofD.being kicked out正确答案:C教师评语:暂无 一、单选题 (共 70.00 分)How did the writer feel when his

6、father advised him to try Westminster College ofLaw?B.The advice was useful and realistic, but going to a much less famous school thanthe previous one hurt his self-esteem.C.He thought it easy to attend Westminster College of Law.D.He didnt take it seriously and ignore the advice.正确答案:B教师评语:暂无B.The

7、writer had the talent of a lawyer, which the dean of the University of Colorado School of Law had mistaken him.C.Westminster College of Law is better than the University of Colorado School of Law.D.His ambition, diligence and taking advantage of chances.正确答案: D教师评语:暂无The writer had tried very hard a

8、nd got enrolled by the University of Colorado School of Law.A.TrueB.False正确答案:B教师评语:暂无The writers father understood very well why his son had been kicked out of the University of Colorado.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无The writer didnt feel proud when he went back to the University of Colorado aftergradu

9、ation.A.TrueB.False 正确答案:B教师评语:暂无The writer is grateful to the chance that he was kicked out of the University of Colorado School of Law.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无This story implies that the second chance may become ones turning point in life.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无二、多选题 (共 30.00 分)What did the d

10、ean in Colorado think of the writer when he was in the law school?A.He didnt think he had the ability to become a lawyer. C.He didnt think highly of him as far as his academic studies are concerneD.D.He thought that he could do well in his job though his grades were to low now.正确答案:教师评语:暂无What does

11、the writer mean by the sentence “One door had closed, but others opened.”?A.The door to the University of Colorado had shut in front of him because he wasrefused a readmission to its School of Law. However, Westminster College of Law agreed to accept him as a student, thus giving him another chance

12、to realize his dream.B.Although the writer didnt have the talent of a lawyer, he did well in sports andSpanish.D.One can become successful if he knows how to take advantage of a second chance.正确答案:教师评语:暂无A.Life is a road with unexpected tomorrows. If you take advantage of them, you cannot be destroy

13、ed by failures.B.One door had closed, but others openeD.C.To be successful, it is important for one to get a second chance. D.If you dont do well in some areas, maybe you are not good at it and just to find something you good at.正确答案:教师评语:暂无 Unit 2 Vocabulary Exercises一、单选题 (共 100.00 分)I personally

14、would rather _ a chicken whole.D.to roast正确答案:C教师评语:暂无Please dont _ against your chair back, youll break it.A.leanB.slopeC.tendD.tilt正确答案:A教师评语:暂无3. It is strange that he should _ with such a clever girl.C.be falling in loveD.fell in love正确答案:B教师评语:暂无It did not take the police long time to _ the tru

15、th.A.bring inB.bring outC.bring upD.bring on正确答案:B教师评语:暂无He seemed _ when the man refused his request.A.depressingB.depress C.disappointingD.disappointed正确答案:D教师评语:暂无B.pleadedC.pledD.pleading正确答案:B教师评语:暂无A.hopelessB.desperationC.disappointD.despair正确答案:D 教师评语:暂无A.throwintoB.AthrowaboutC.throwdownD.t

16、hrowoff正确答案:A教师评语:暂无B.relativeC.relatumD.relationship正确答案:B教师评语:暂无10.Whenever we have trouble with our studies, our teachers help us _. D.casually正确答案:C教师评语:暂无11.A.behaviorB.behaviorsC.mannerD.manners正确答案:D教师评语:暂无12.B.busy themselves withC.engage D.wage正确答案:B教师评语:暂无13.I liked to walk up Fifth Avenue

17、 and _ romantic women from the crowD.A.pickB.pick outC.pick onD.pick off正确答案:B教师评语:暂无14.He _ that co-operation with the media is part of his professional duties.A.believedB.findC.realizedD.appreciates正确答案:D教师评语:暂无 15.If you want to be _, you should try to lose a certain amount of weight everyweek.B.

18、muscularC.chubbyD.plump正确答案:A教师评语:暂无 一、单选题 (共 80.00 分)Can you guess why she was attracted by Robert?A.She might be attracted by his American nationality.B.She might be attracted by his golden hair and slim American nose.C.She might be attracted by the Christmas eve in American style.D.She didnt like

19、 Chinese boys.正确答案:B教师评语:暂无D.The soft fish cheek.正确答案:D教师评语:暂无 C.To be proud of her Chinese identity and keep the Chinese culture.D.To learn more American culture and manner.正确答案:C教师评语:暂无When she knew that Robert would come for the Christmas dinner, Amy was so excited that she crieD.A.TrueB.False正确答

20、案:B教师评语:暂无Amys mother created a strange menu because Amy didnt know what food her mother would cook.A.TrueB.False正确答案: B教师评语:暂无A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无From this story we can learn from some cultural difference in dinner concepts between the Chinese and Americans.A.TrueB.F

21、alse正确答案:A 教师评语:暂无二、多选题 (共 20.00 分)B.She didnt want to introduce her boyfriend to her relatives.C.Her Chinese relatives ignorant of American table manners.D.She was lack of confidence of her mothers cooking.正确答案:教师评语:暂无A.She was prouD.B.She felt embarrasseD.C.She felt shameful.D.She enjoy the noisy

22、environment.正确答案:教师评语:暂无 Unit 3 Vocabulary Exercises一、单选题 (共 100.00 分)A.competeB.contestC.warD.fight正确答案:A教师评语:暂无B.offeringC.provideD.providing正确答案:C教师评语:暂无3. You need money and time, _, you need diligence.B.howeverC.in additionD.therefore正确答案:C教师评语:暂无C.not any longerD.not any more正确答案:A教师评语:暂无A.sur

23、vivingB.survival D.treatment正确答案:B教师评语:暂无B.loyaltyC.faithfulD.disloyalty正确答案:B教师评语:暂无C.forbadeD.prohibited正确答案:D 教师评语:暂无A.villageD.rurality正确答案:C教师评语:暂无C.ancientD.advanced正确答案:C教师评语:暂无10.Now, the gene they discovered today doesnt _ all those cases. A.account forB.account ofC.respond toD.explain for正

24、确答案:A教师评语:暂无11.B.see no reason toC.find no sign toD.intently正确答案:B教师评语:暂无12.She was not very willing to change her way of thinking and with strong _ views.B.religionC. religious D.religiously正确答案:C教师评语:暂无13.A man _ to be a journalist threatened to reveal details about her private life.A.declaredB.al

25、legedC.claimedD.claiming正确答案:D教师评语:暂无14.To avoid quarreling, we _ to furnish our own house according to our own taste.A.suggestB.recommendC.adviseD.propose正确答案:D 教师评语:暂无15.He had often dreamed of retiring in England and had planned to _ in the country.D.settle up正确答案:A教师评语:暂无 一、单选题 (共 70.00 分)What t

26、heory about meat prohibition has been put forward by Marvin Harris?A.If an animal does not chew its cud, consumption will be prohibiteD.B.If an animalis much more valuable alive than dead, consumption will be prohibiteD.C.If an animal lives in a dirty place, its unclean and unhealthy so the consumpt

27、ion will be prohibiteD.D.If an animal is used to protect the country, consumption will be prohibiteD.正确答案:B教师评语:暂无What was the reason for the horsemeat prohibition in European history?A.The horses were useful for soldiers to fight against their enemies.B.The horses do not chew their cuD.C.The horses

28、 were the primary power source.D.The taste of horsemeat is so terrible.正确答案:A教师评语:暂无3.Its believed that religions and life customs can account for meat prohibitions. A.TrueB.False正确答案:B教师评语:暂无According to some researchers, the Jews dislike pork because pigs are dirty.A.TrueB.False正确答案:B教师评语:暂无Actual

29、ly pork had been once the part of the food for the ancient Middle Easterners.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无Cows are respected by Indians because they are useful source.A.True B.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无The Moslems gave up pork due to their frequent migration in hot climate.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无二、多选题 (共 30

30、.00 分)Why shouldnt religious believers question the reasons for meat prohibition?A.They will be punished by the church if they question the reasons for meat prohibition.B.It is considered rude for humans to question the directives of God or church.C.The loyalty to each faith sees little reason to as

31、k why a particular food is prohibiteD.D.They were forbidden to question it before becoming believers.正确答案:教师评语:暂无2. What are the different reasons for the prohibition of pork in Judaism and other religions?A.The Jewish prohibition against pork seems to be the fact that pigs do not chew their cuD.B.T

32、he Jewish prohibition against pork because pigs are much more valuable alive than deaD.C.Other religions, such as the Islamism, believe that pigs are “unclean”.D.Other religions, such as the Islamism, claiming that pork eating is unhealthful.正确答案:教师评语:暂无B.Because cows dung becomes a kind of clean co

33、oking coal.C.Because cows are the primary power source there.D.Because cows provide milk for dairy products.正确答案:教师评语:暂无 Unit 4 Vocabulary Exercises一、单选题 (共 100.00 分)I _ a trip to the Cape of Good Hope.B.eager forC.am long forD.is eager for正确答案:A教师评语:暂无B.would ratherC.would like toD.would rather to正

34、确答案:B教师评语:暂无3. Well go and _ where conditions are hardest.B.settle backC.settle downD.settle upon正确答案:C教师评语:暂无The reporter is doing a _ of public attitudes.A.investigationB.surveyC.examinationD.measurement正确答案:B教师评语:暂无It _ me that I didnt have time to do more reading.B.bothers C.annoyedD.delighted正确

35、答案:C教师评语:暂无C.persist inD.give way to正确答案:A教师评语:暂无C.atmosphereD.attitude正确答案:D 教师评语:暂无A.privatelyB.intimateC.personallyD.personal正确答案:D教师评语:暂无A.intendB.likeC.meansD.wanted正确答案:A教师评语:暂无10.You should _ to improve your reading comprehension. B.change your mindC.make an effortD.get ready正确答案:C教师评语:暂无11.D

36、.throughout正确答案:A教师评语:暂无12.B.satisfactoryC.satisfying D.satisfaction正确答案:B教师评语:暂无13.Our income has got smaller. so we must be _ and give up our car.C.optimisticD.realistic正确答案:D教师评语:暂无14.After my lecture, the questions asked by the students began to _ me.A.overwhelmB.overlookC.overcomeD.overtake正确答案

37、:A教师评语:暂无 15.Getting your _ in order is a good way not to waste energy on meaningless things.A.potentialsB.privilegesC.prejudicesD.priorities正确答案:D教师评语:暂无 一、单选题 (共 80.00 分)B.They want to “settle down” with their partner by 30 and have their first child a year later.D.Their goal may be a happy marria

38、ge and family in the countryside.正确答案:D教师评语:暂无What would some of the modern women like to do after giving the birth of the first child?A.They intend to give up work and be a full-time mother when they start a family.B.They want to find someone to marry.D.They start putting their personal happiness b

39、efore a big salary or high-powered career.正确答案:A 教师评语:暂无What attitude does the author have towards the change of womens role?A.She feels pity that the age of the “superwoman” is deaD.B.She supports the changed role of the modern womens being a housewife.D.She opposed the changed role of the modern w

40、omens being a housewife.正确答案:B教师评语:暂无The increasing divorce rate can partly explain the change for the return to traditional lifestyle.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无Modern young women think that they can succeed as easily as their mother diD.A.TrueB.False 正确答案:B教师评语:暂无According to young women, their fem

41、inist mothers were failures in life and career.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无In modern womens eyes, domestic happiness is more important than a successful career.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无A.TrueB.False正确答案: B教师评语:暂无二、多选题 (共 20.00 分)Whats the obvious difference in lifestyle between the modern women and t

42、he generation of their mothers?A.Modern women pay more attention to work.B.Those womens attitudes toward the role of housewives changed greatly.C.They dont pursue what their mothers had done.D.They agree with the way their mothers had done mostly.正确答案:教师评语:暂无A.Their mothers lifestyle is not realisti

43、C.B.They think the baby nurseries are baD.C.Because they believe it is very hard for them to deal well with jobs, motherhood and social lives at the same time.D.They dont want to have the job and family life all as their mothers diD.正确答案:教师评语:暂无 Unit 5 Vocabulary Exercises一、单选题 (共 100.00 分)B.to put

44、togetherC.put togetherD.putting together正确答案:C教师评语:暂无A.break outB.break offC.break upD.break down正确答案:C教师评语:暂无3. A.oddB.ordinaryC.formalD.normal正确答案:A教师评语:暂无B.shelterC.preservationD.conservation正确答案:B教师评语:暂无A.dimB.vague C.complicatingD.complicated正确答案:D教师评语:暂无C.inventD.create正确答案:C教师评语:暂无B.ended up

45、withC.ended up inD.ended with正确答案:B 教师评语:暂无A.intervalsB.intervalC.occasionD.occasions正确答案:A教师评语:暂无C.inventD.invest正确答案:D教师评语:暂无10.The Cabinets view did not _ with a vast majority in the House. A.acceptB.sit wellC.receiveD.sit with正确答案:B教师评语:暂无11.He cant spend too much time arguing with you about the

46、 matter. He _.A.has other fish to fryB.has few fish to fryC.has no fish to fryD.has fishes to fry正确答案:A教师评语:暂无12.Her parents offered a lot of money as reward for anyone who could _ her.A.botherB.amuseC.light D.please with正确答案:B教师评语:暂无13.Business managers are focused on increasing their personal weal

47、th by any available_.A.methodsB.waysC.measuresD.means正确答案:D教师评语:暂无14.He gave me a _ explanation.A.reasonableB.reasoningC.reasonedD.reasons正确答案:A教师评语: 暂无15.Fruit-picking _, badly paid and very hard work.A.meansB.meaningC.meanD.meant正确答案:A教师评语:暂无 一、单选题 (共 90.00 分)B.He thinks its a game for the rich.C.

48、He thinks its boring and wasting time.D.He thinks its meaningful.正确答案:C教师评语:暂无C.To cheer Prince EdwarD.D.To build his body.正确答案:B教师评语:暂无3. D.Australian.正确答案:B教师评语:暂无D.The form of cricket must be updateD.正确答案:C教师评语:暂无A.TrueB.False正确答案:B 教师评语:暂无A.TrueB.False正确答案:B教师评语:暂无A.TrueB.False正确答案:B教师评语:暂无A.Tru

49、eB.False正确答案:A教师评语: 暂无A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无二、多选题 (共 10.00 分)A.Aristocrats.B.Shepherds.C.Australian.D.Princes.正确答案:教师评语:暂无 Unit 6 Vocabulary Exercises一、单选题 (共 100.00 分)A.accompany forB.take care ofC.care aboutD.attend for正确答案:B教师评语:暂无C.ambitiousD.adaptable正确答案:C教师评语:暂无3. They, _ my father, have

50、gone to Washington.D.include正确答案:A教师评语:暂无No one could _ how he got to be so wealthy.A.work outB.figure outC.come overD.think of正确答案:B教师评语:暂无Our course has been determined. Now let us _.A.processB.to process C.proceedD.to proceed正确答案:C教师评语:暂无You can always _ him when you are in difficulties.B.turn to

51、wardsC.depend inD.fall back on正确答案:D教师评语:暂无B.sink your heart belowC.put your heart downD.put your head down正确答案:D 教师评语:暂无D.proof正确答案:A教师评语:暂无B.conferenceC.ceremonyD.appointment正确答案:C教师评语:暂无10.None of the passengers and _ were injured in the accident. D.staffs正确答案:A教师评语:暂无11.A.importantB.miserableC.p

52、ositiveD.useful正确答案:C教师评语:暂无12.A.pursueB.chasingC.process D.pursuit正确答案:D教师评语:暂无13.My fathers always telling me what to do, but I usually just _ him.A.botherB.ignoreC.obeyD.annoy正确答案:B教师评语:暂无14.It is a mangers _ to set clear expectations for his or her employees.A.pursuitB.affairC.responsibilityD.th

53、ing正确答案:C教师评语:暂无 15.It is now accepted that men should _ themselves to 20 glasses of alcohola week.C.be restrictedD.block正确答案:B教师评语:暂无 一、单选题 (共 70.00 分)B.Because a career, they thought, was something a woman needed only as a help.C.Because women are supposed to stay at home.D.Because women cannot be

54、 qualified the responsibility as men.正确答案:B教师评语:暂无B.The conservation between the writers mother and her frienD.C.Her visit to China in 1973, together with the famous actress and director Shirley MacLaine and her crew.D.The film called The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir.正确答案:C教师评语:暂无 The autho

55、rs mother took the whole family across the United States one summer.A.TrueB.False正确答案:B教师评语:暂无The authors mother thought Chinese women gained less than men in 1973.A.TrueB.False正确答案:B教师评语:暂无The authors mother taught her to be a wife rather than a career woman in the 60s.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无 Th

56、e author pursued her career knowing that she could do anything she wanteD.A.TrueB.False正确答案:A教师评语:暂无A.TrueB.False正确答案:B教师评语:暂无二、多选题 (共 30.00 分)C.Her mother was not an entirely traditional wife.D.She just wanted to act well as a mother and wife.正确答案: 教师评语:暂无C.A woman should get a nursing degree or a

57、teaching certificate or learn cooking skills.D.A woman also can be successful in career.正确答案:教师评语:暂无C.If you try your best, you can do anything you want to do.D.To ignore everything and just do yourself.正确答案:教师评语:暂无 Unit 7 Vocabulary Exercises一、单选题 (共 100.00 分)A.are long forB.long forC.eager forD.dy

58、ing for正确答案:B教师评语:暂无We turned to see the _ car slow down.B.approachableC.approachingD.approached正确答案:C教师评语:暂无3. A.Put onB.Put upC.Hold onD.Hold up正确答案:D教师评语:暂无D.found out正确答案:A教师评语:暂无A.considerableB.thinkable D.effortless正确答案:C教师评语:暂无A.flushed withB.flushed awayC.flushed outD.flushed through正确答案:A教师

59、评语:暂无B.awakenC.rousedD.bring正确答案:B 教师评语:暂无A.reflectionB.influenceC.emotionD.motion正确答案:D教师评语:暂无A.sweepsC.was sweptD.was sweeping正确答案:D教师评语:暂无10.I walked up and down the aisle to _ my cramped muscles. A.stretchB.spreadC.extendD.expand正确答案:A教师评语:暂无11.A.quiverB.quakeC.trembleD.shake正确答案:A教师评语:暂无12.A.di

60、stinguishB.imitateC.recognize D.catch正确答案:B教师评语:暂无13.Many things being discussed, the meeting has _ for half an hour.A.stretched overB.stretched backC.stretched outD.stretched along正确答案:C教师评语:暂无14.Let a hundred flowers _, and let a hundred schools of thought contenD.D.blossom正确答案:D教师评语:暂无 15.A surve


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