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七上英语培优练习(第5周)姓名:_得分,一、单项垃择《共15小鹿:价小省I分.计15分)(>1. Simon likes playingfoMtull bui Snndy likes phyingpiano.A. a. aB. the. theC. the. ID. /. the( )2. Millie's eyesdark bro*n and Ikt hairbUck.A. are, isB. arc. are C ia isD. i* mc(>3. -When:your cvu$in?…Baoyi 咯A. do. from B. docs, from C is. from D. do. come from(>4. - What'% your brother'*? Can \,ou tell me?…he u 12.A. nameB. ageC. w<xkD. ds4<>5. Thiwc children want the uble tennis nwch on TV tonight.A. Io »eeB. to lookC Io kwk MD. Id wMeh(J6. -The children some time for reading, right?—¥e«. And everyonea library cjtfd.A. lias, haiB. have, h 的Ch” have D. have. Iia*v( >7. m fun. I like •A. Reid, reading B. Reading, rejd C. Rvuding. nrading D. Read, read( )8. Whm abouiio drink?A. have wmethin^B. have an^hing C. having smeth腌D. having anything()9. Dunid goes io school b> buK bul he walksafter whod.A. to home B. hk home C. homeD. the home(>10 Tbm together with her good frknds in Ihe playgnxmd.Tbcy playing buslcllxill.A. k/reC. i&kD. Mean(>11. Many of us like pbying fboitulloar free limethe weekend.A. aLaiB.aLinC.ituinD.injil(>12. -Lucy like% spw、s much.一、a. she k goodpUying btKtminconA. atB. feeC. inD. to( )13.your lecher2ppy today?A. Kfccling B.Doe%.fcciC. h.feclD. Doc (.feeling(>M. Andy always say,="ID his parents when be joeiio Mrbool cvcty day.A. Good moniing B. Good uftemonn C- Gxxi evening D. Gxxibyc()15. —Excujsc me. Where i% yuw teacheis' office?—. sir.—Thank% a lot.A.lhis w»y. plwc<B ThinM all ri|>lK C.You're wtkvmKD Soa>« । kno*二、光形填空《共10留,海小&I分.计10分)Whxii do you usualk do * the weekend? Some people like co I x heme. Bui olhcfx like ii> jo2a walk or phy (kxxball. My friend Jjck wuckt hxd in u Giclory uo *vckdiyi. Al the weekend, be always 3 ilic mjtk thing. On Saturday he 4 his car and on S he goes with hk family to a village by car Hi§ uncle and aunt have a farm there. Il isn't a 6 one. but there's Always 7 week to do an,firni. In b . the h”rve*H收共)the children help them pick uGinge*. They aho help with iIk animals and give (hem ihcir 9 Jnck und his wife hdp in the fkM入 At the end of the dUy. chcy tire All 10 and JackM aum givet Ihcm a big meal.()1. A. play (>2. A. ioB.meB. farC. 5Uy CinD enjoy Dm(>3. A. due%B. make*C. bocrvwyD. hs(H A. watchesB. buysCsclkD. washes(⑸ A. MondayB. SundayC. SaturdayD. WcdneMiiy()6. A. $mallB. bigC. hardD. illOH(>7. A. nunyB. muchC. i IncD. Io<of(>8. A. springB. summer C. MiluninD. winter()9. A. foodB. placesC. clochwD water(>10. A. cleanB. 1MCC. fullD. hungry三、闽读理解〃! IS小斑小理2分,计>0分)(A)Blur Water WorldA 即ea place for the whole fimily We havea gym(粒身属)• hoc spring Kuh《船瓢浴》kwiinming pools a cincnu (Only for children)All with adiviliei ur Icsmmh fur both yixi and >x»ur childrvn Price: Y40 for WuMU成人 lY 20 for children uiulcr 15Open: IIWOxm.~ IIXM)p.m. Except MondayThe fun hever al Blue Waici World,Localkin: At I IK Sunny StreetTHtplione: 555-5683.'55S5686Wcbslfc: »wwhlMwaiE»nrklm,cn(> I.Mr.Snwh u«nis iofo <o Blue Way World with hr family, w ihcy can go there?A. M 5XX) p. m an MondayB. at 10:00 a. m on TuesdayC. al 2:(X1 p. m 的 SundayD. at 11:00 a. m on MondayI > 2. Mr. Liu wunt< co go to Blue Water World with hk eighkyetfYMd iwin wm this Sacuniuy. How much will they ha、xr to spend?A.Y40 B YI20 C.Y^OD.Y20()3.lf you want to have a hoc ping bath, you can call .A. 55S5685B.555-5686 - C,555-56M D.55S568IIB)Thw k my G«( day M our new school. In (he morning. I help m> neu- icMher Mr Hu put h<»me new Englisit textbooks into a big box. And then 1 earn.' i( to the ch«rocxn. The box m very heavy.I walk very skiwlyi恒地)with the big heavy box in my aiim. A boy runs very fast to nie. He caif( *,p. CMi. dear? My box drafts on the floor und there are books every when: cm (he ftoor.Tm very mmt);" the bay %iy$ 虫&而 and again. He help% me to pick up all (hr book,. He (hen helps me lo carry (he bocM (o our ciassroom.Who is be? He is my clixtimte. Hix naine i$ Jim. He c<xne« to Chitu with hh father. He k from Hngland.( X. In (he fiwmin^. I help to carry the box to our classroom..A. my parenuB. my new cIk所qicC. my new teacherD. my good friend Jim( >5. My box the ftoor bcvuu^c.A. 1 walk wry xlou iy with itB. 1 *ulk very fusi with kC. Jim voyMowly g me D. Jim runs very f»t K> me and can't stop( )6・1•5.行 来). cmt> the box of book^ to our cU^roocn.A. Jim &nd IB. Jim. Mr Hu und IC. Mr Hu and JimD. my clagutwg and I()7. Jim jnd I are.A. the wme ayeB. in the same txdruomC. in the same classD Mr Hu* uxxknurfcs<C>Ho* do sxudcnis spend (heir time? IX» (hey have 11111c io do i!k (hings they like? Let's «v whin wmc uudenu do during their free time.Ben is eleven, lie has a »iMer. Kale. &Hh or ihcni I tic gx»inj l<> the ciiisnx Every Sunday inuming. they p> Io ihc iouh b> train and then they focoibe cinema bauusc ihcy live in chc country und iIktc is no cincnu there.They arrive in the town M noca. They uiiully have a big lunch in their favourite rcMaurant (ini. and then they buy mmik feed in ilw supcrmarkci bcMc (hey go io (heir tawuriw cinema called Sur Cincim They like t( boausc ihe there arc comfonablc Mxi the 6liw in the cinema urc 山ways the newest. They nlw斗、have u jo<xi time on Sun&ys. But when (he wcullurr h bad ar they w busy with Iheir humewixk. (hey can't 段.(W. Ben nnd K* always spend ihctr Sundays.A. wMchin^ TV B. going shopping C. doing homeworkD. M:cin$ film%(>9. They jo U» wre a film.A. by(n)in B. by bw Con foolD.■ home(>10. They go u> the town to tec a film bccauM.A. (hey like the cincirn (here B ilictc is no cinema in the «iun(ryC. they don't know other cincnux D. ibex' wunt io a *hofT'n8 >n the town(>11. When (hey are in (he town, (heyHntLA. go (o the cinemaB. buy foodC. have lunchD. play in the street(D)Amcricun Tichm* begin in Sepicmbcr after ) kmj summer hoUhiy. There、re two term* in a 抬bool year. The tint term i% fnxri September to January, and Ihe mxucx! trmi i» from Febcuary to June. Mewl Atnericin children begin H> £0 co whool ihe> 'rc five old. Most Mudcncs urc seventeen or eighteen old when ihey finish high school.High wrhool Fuiknu uke only five <x six sub^xis exh Wfin. Th” w(o (he wiik me day. and ihcy have hiwncwock kw every cla«x. After class they do a ItM of micrcuing things.After high Mrbuol. many tludenu gw k» college. They uiually have u» piy u kH of money. So m*ny college Mudenu wodt cbw u* get money for iheir m»d>.(112. In America, summer holidays begin in.A. ScpietnbcfB. JulyC. May D. FcbniM>()13. Mo*i American children go to whool al the age MA. fiveB. seven C. »evenl«n D. eigh«een( )14. Hij»h fKhool undentsafter class.A. do hixncwockB. go to workC. play tuMrballD. do iniereiling 加哂)15. In order w(为丁 J. , many Amcricun college Mudents work uficr clau.A. help Iheir parentsB. gel money (ar Ihcir sludyC. help oihaivD. Icam mmik useful things四、词汇运用,共10小IK:出小分,计M)分)We are of our country.(主人IHe is a boy gla»sei every day. (K)Mr Green will buy three for u*. (il 球)Simon Itlg bodminion. Un Dun w ooe of hts,《仙The ;irl *s and the boy'sare Lucy and Tuny.(名字)Jim is a new member of chc Club, 《danoe)Their fMtier re«lin^ iww”ptm every evening!. (enjo))Shall we ga thij. aftemonn?(run)He doesn't know bowlook after u do;. (rcaJ)There on: Iwo Americanin our txiiketball team. <play)五、任务小阅读(共M)空,处左I分.计10分) DeMMndyThanks fur your letter. Now I'll tell yuo ab<x>t mywzlf.My name is Kiuy. I am 12 My birthday is on October 12*' I uin from Aiyktica I'm in Claj^ 3, Gnidc 7. We icam Chinese at ixir school. Our Chinese teuzherX lumc k Wang I Lid.He arv wn»e of my friend*. Jimmy i% lull and be ha* Natk hair. He is good at pluytng basketball. He is in ihe Baskcihill Club. Muy is short •nd she wcm* glMSS and • ydlow dre移 She likes Enj>lKh very and t< feed al speaking English. Silly i% a black girl. She hw »hort hiir. She likesShe swimi beM in the swimmingleantI like mu%ic. I'm a boy with gUK$c,Write to me toon and tell me aboui your friend. Y皿KiltyKmv's 1也meLook*2JimmvHe has 3hair “nd k ullHe k h 4 ot the BiisketMH Cub.MayShe S 6flashes and a ydlowShe cun speak English very 7SillyHer hair i4 8 .She9. She k a very good1Q_.I.2.3,4.5,6.7.&9, 10.六、缺词填空(共10空।每空I分.计2分)My name ix Hu Wen. I am 12 old. I s_L at No.2 Middle School. I am in CIjks I. Gnuk 7. My Win wter Hu Yuc is a 2 in my class. But wc don't I 5 the “me. We jo co whonl and go b 4 home in niy tuthcr's car. We help exh other do o 5 howKwork. I ani good M Engli6 and she does w 6 in Math*. My chixmatc% are vety k 7 to m. Wc hive a l_g_ id ulk ^bnut and often chnl with each other after cjg_. But wciioE从不)L1!L_ in 6 7.8.9. 10.七、书面衰达(Th 30分)A.根t«所给汉曲完或下列句子,词软不取.《共5小世;招也 2分,计I。分).我生焚知道如何腑同这丝花.. Dan©来自而京,但是现在利家人住在宝应..故孕后在图15馆取读书让我还说好极九.林希第Milh成为老种的磐里能帔实现.. Mike想参加下一演世界杯.B.写作《计20分)旃保拗以F要戏介绍你的冏友Donicl.70同左才;・I. 14^,9踞1.68米.筮山眄.短头发;2.出生在焚国.但现在和父城住在恭城:3.喜欢学习,比较推长数学;&热爱运动.放学给经靠和同学的一起躅足球:5.等常#欢中国,认为中国人以。礼蜕又乐干

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