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2022-2023学年辽宁省丹东市凤城宝山中学高三英语测试题含解析一、 选择题1. 14.We shouldn't complain about being poor —many families are much ____ than we are.         A.worse off           B.badly off               C.well off       D.better off   参考答案:A略2. Before real estate control policies were introduced, people hoped that their income would be increased ________ the rise in housing prices.A. in touch with    B. in anticipation ofC. in line with    D. in combination of参考答案:C考查介词短语辨析。句意:在出台房地产管制政策之前,人们希望他们的收入能随着房价的上涨而增加。A. in touch with和……保持联系;B. in anticipation of期待着……,预计到……;C. in line with和……一致;D. in combination of结合。结合常识可知,C选项符合语境。3. We tried to settle the argument but ___ nothing. A. accomplish    B. complete   C. end     D. finish(根据今年高考新词汇原创。)参考答案:A略4. China has just released globally bilingual Chinese-English books, "Library of Chinese Classics", to better      Chinese culture to the outside.     A. introduce         B. promote       C. spread    D. deepen参考答案:A5. Jose cupped his hands together to cover his mouth ________ other people would see him cry.A. so that                  B. now that              C. for fear that      D. on condition that参考答案:C略6. Was it on that lonely island      he family finally settled down?A.when     B.where      C.that     D.which参考答案:C7. —How often do you call your parents?   —______, but usually once a week.  A. Forget it           B. Once in a while   C. It depends    D. I’ve no idea参考答案:C略8. ---- What do you think of a house supplied by Lovell ?---- _______ you buy a home from Lovell, the company promises to buy it back at the same price after three years.A. Should       B. Must     C. Could    D. Would参考答案:A考查情态动词。should 可意为“假如;万一”之意,例如:This printer is of good quality. If it should break down within the first year, we would repair it at our expense.而该句句意是:“‘假如’你买了他们的房子,这个公司承诺三年后以同样的价格买回。”故该题正确答案为A.9. He strongly believes that the govemment will      a way to solve the problem of population.         A.set off                       B.put off                      C.catch up with          D.come up with参考答案:D略10. After the accident the miners ______told the reporters about their ______ in the coal mine.   A. lively, details       B. living, events         C. live, trips     D. alive, experiences参考答案:D11. While in the past few foreigners visited the remote west of China, _______ there is a tourist boom in these places. A. ly          B. apparently           C. currently          D. ly参考答案:C12. -The old people each        get a very nice present from our manager on their birthdays一Great ! It must be a big surprise to them.    A.must           B shall            C.would        D  should参考答案:B 13. I can’t remember when ______ turning point occurred exactly, but it might be ______ summer morning when I was in New York.A. 不填;a             B. a; a              C. the; a                D. a; the参考答案:C14. I was just going to cut my rose bushes but someone       it. Was it you?A. has done  B. had done   C. would do   D. will do 参考答案:B考点:考查动词时态。解析:该空动作发生在was just going to cut之前,即表示过去的过去,故用过去完成时态。句意为:“我正要剪切我的蔷薇丛但(发现)有人已经将它剪切了。是你干的吗?”15. Being examined twice a year,whether it is a car or a bus or a truck,is the rule that every driver _______obey in this city.  A. shall                   B. can                         C. ought to                D. need参考答案:A略16. The boy has spent a whole day _____ in his room. No one knows what he is doing. A. locked                    B. to lock                    C. locking          D. been locked参考答案:A二、 翻译72. 遇到突发危险时,人会茫然不知所措,这是很正常的。(which)________________________73. 一个人究竟怎样才能完成这样一个伟大的工程呢?(How)________________________74. 在此之前,他从未和那位主编讨论过自己的新书。(Not)________________________75. 情况是在不断地变化,要使自己的思想适应新的情况,就得学习。(adapt)________________________参考答案:72. People may get overwhelmed in the face of sudden dangers, which is quite natural. / One may get at a loss when facing a sudden danger, which is quite natural.    73. How on earth can a person accomplish such a great project? / How on earth can one accomplish such a grand project?    74. Not until that moment had he ever talked about his new book with that chief editor.  Not until this had he ever discussed his new book with the chief editor.    75. The situation is constantly changing. To adapt your thinking to new situations, you have to learn. / Situations are changing continually, so we must study to adapt our thinking to new situations.本题考查翻译句子,注意一些固定短语和固定句型的使用。【72题详解】本题的难点在于用which引导非限定性定语从句,还要注意at a loss或get overwhelmed表示“不知所措”。【73题详解】本题的难点在于on earth表示“究竟”,用such+a+形容词+名词表示“一个如此……的东西”。【74题详解】本题的难点在于Not until位于句首,要用部分倒装。【75题详解】本题的难点在于用不定式作目的状语,而且还要注意adapt…to…表示“使……适应……”。三、 阅读理解18. 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项。There were smiling children all the way. Charily they knew at what time the train passed their homes and they made it their business to stand along the railway, wave to complete strangers and cheer them up as they rushed towards Penang. Often whole families stood outside their homes and waved and smiled as if those on the trains were their favorite s. This is the simple village people of Malaysia. I was moved.     I had always traveled to Malaysia by plane or car, so this was the first time I was on a train. I did not particularly relish the long train journey and had brought along a dozen magazines to read and reread. I looked about the train. There was not one familiar face. I sighed and sat down to read my Economics.     It was not long before the train was across the Causeway and in Malaysia. Johore Baru was just another city like Singapore, so I was tired of looking at the crowds of people as they hurried past. As we went beyond the city, I watched the straight rows of rubber trees and miles and miles of green. Then the first village came into sight, Immediately I came alive; I decided to wave hack.     From then on my journey became interesting. I threw my magazines into the waste basket and decided to join in Malaysian life. Then everything came alive. The mountains seemed to speak to me. Even the trees were smiling. I stared at everything as if I was looking at it for the first time.     The day passed fast and I even forgot to have my lunch until I felt hungry. I looked at my watch and was surprised that it was 3:00 pm. Soon the train pulled up at Butterworth. I looked at the people all around me. They all looked beautiful. When my uncle arrived with a smile, I threw my arms around him to give him a warm hug (拥抱). I had never done this before. He seemed surprised and then his weather-beaten face warmed up with a huge smile. We walked arm in arm to his car.     I looked forward to the return journey.60. The aut

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