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2022年四川省自贡市普通高校对口单招英语自考真题(含答案)学校:________ 班级:________ 姓名:________ 考号:________ 一、单选题(30题)1. His handwriting is ______yours. A.more better B.as well as C.much better than D.as better as 2.New typewriters cost about________price of the second—hand ones. A.three times the B.a three times C.the three times D.three times a  3. Thank you for the ______you did me. to move the sofa upstairs. A.favor B.good C.help D.kindness 4.Tom was about to close the windows _______ his attention was caught by a birdA.when B.suddenly C.and D.till 5. This is just the place______he and his wife visited last year. A.where B.that C.when D.why 6. — This is my new dogHis name is Wisdom— That' s interestingWhy ______did you give him such a name? A.in the earth B.in world C.on earth D.on the world 7.That is the only way we can imagine _______ the overuse of water in students ‘ bathrooms. A.reducing B.to reduce C.reduced D.reduce 8.The novel written by the author _______ well, but five years agro no one could have imagined how great a role he _______ in the literary worldA.sells; was to play B.selling; was playing C.sold; had played D.sell; is playing  9.Busy as they are, parents should ______ at least two hours to spend with their children. A.set out B.set away C.set aside D.set off 10. ______he come, the problem would be settled. A.Would B.Should C.Shall D.If 11. Sickness deprived me ______ the pleasure of seeing you. A.from B.of C.out of D.with 12. Countries that traditionally never allowed foreign students to stay and work like Germany or the United Kingdom—are facing their own labor ______ in information technology and relaxing their immigration laws. A.cuts B.shortages C.weaknesses D.imports 13.I wondered what difficulty he had _________ the plan? A.to carry out B.carrying out C.carried out D.with carrying out  14. What he described as only a ______ detail I thought was the most important part of the plan. A.common B.plain C.just D.mere 15.Helen always helps her grandmother even though going to school ____ most of her day. A.takes up B.make up C.save up D.put up 16._____ crying sadly, he raised his head and let tears stream down his face on purposeA.To be seen B.Seeing C.To see D.Having seen 17. All the students went to the magic show yesterday. It was really ______A.amusingly B.amuse C.amusing D.amused 18. ______ your homework and make sure that you don't ______ any mistakes. A.Do; do B.Make; make C.Make; do D.Do; make 19.After all this time you‘d think he‘d have forgotten, ________ ? A.should you B.wouldn"t you C.don"t you D.do you 20. ______ you may be right, I can't altogether agree. A.While B.As C.if D.Since 21._______ many times, he finally understood the problem. A.Told B.Telling C.Having told D.Having been told 22.We can assign the work to__________is reliable. A.whose B.whom C.whoever D.whomever 23.We must __ early in the morning so as to catch the first train. A.set up B.set out C.set about D.set aside   24. —What's the chance of there______an election this year?— I have no idea. A.is B.to be C.being D.be 25. So badly ______ in the car accident that he had to stay in hospital for several weeks. A.did he injure B.he injure C.was he injured D.he was injured 26.The scientists all agreed that rules of physics, ______ we are all familiar, govern the worldA.to which B.on which C.which D.with which 27.Little_________that their plan has beenDiscovered. A.did they suspect B.do the suspect C.do they suspect D.they suspect  28.—Has the wallet been returned yet? —No, but we expect ______ any day now. A.to return it B.it to return C.it to be returned D.it returned  29. He was a man of strong feelings, ______ normally lay hidden deep inside him. A.it B.that C.those D.which 30.I noticed his eyes ______, because they were very large. A.in particular B.with particular C.in special D.with special 二、补全对话(10题)31.Operator: Good morning.Future Software.How may I direct your call?Customer: After Sales Service Department, please.Operator: __________. I’ll put you through.A.Just a moment please B.I see C.Thank you D.No problem 32.第53题 ________ 查看材料  33. 第 58 题 请将58处填上正确答案.  34.第54题 ________ 查看材料  35.60请选择最佳答案填入()  36.________ 查看材料  37.请在第_______处填上正确答案。   38.请在第_______处填上正确答案。   39.  第 56 题 请将56处填上正确答案.  40.Linda:Hello! This is Linda speaking.Chris:Hello, Linda, this is Chris. _______66________ this Friday evening?Linda:Yes, why?Chris:There‘s a good concert, and I’ve got two tickets. I wonder ________67_______. Linda:That‘s great! _________68_________?Chris:7 o‘clock. But how about _________69__________ at 6:45?Linda:OK. I think I can make it.Chris:After the concert, ________70_________, shall we?Linda:Wonderful! Why don‘t we go to a Chinese restaurant?Chris:Why not? OK, see you Friday.Linda:See you then. Bye!66.________ 三、语法与词汇(10题)41. The doctor told Penny that too much ______ (expose) to the sun is bad for the skin.  42. He has done much to increase the ______(efficient) of English teaching in this country.  43. There is no ______ (rely) information about the child who was found missing almost a month ago.  44. A study has been ordered into the feasibility (可能性) of ______ (length) the airports main runway by 200 metres.  45. It was reported that the foreign minister, who went to the United States for medical treatment, held ______ (official) talks with his counterpart (同行) in Washington.  46. A laser beam can be turned into a______ (dead) weapon.  47. Franklin's ability to learn from ______ (observe) and experience contributed greatly to his success in public life.  48. It is quite ______ (danger) to drive when you get drunk.  49. He felt very ______ (protect) towards her and loved her dearly.  50. Honesty is an important ______ (elementary) for being a person.  四、词汇与语法知识(10题)51.We won‘ t keep winning games__________ we keep playing well. A.because B.unless C.when D.while 52.13. He was sitting in the chair, ______a book.A. readB. was readingC. readingD. with reading  53.Let’s ask Linda to take part in the contest since she has a _____ for music. A.gift B.hobby C.present D.desire 54. 第 7 题 The manager__________the appointment with Mr.Brown,because he had an emergency case to deal with. A.canceled B.destroyed C.resisted D.stopped 55.The Speech was not interesting. Most of the people present began to move about __________A.impatient B.impatiently C.impatience D.patiently 56.He went to the bookstore and bought__________. A.dozen books B.dozens books C.dozen of books D.dozens of books  57.In some countries each of the citizens ______ to decide government policies. A.helps B.help C.are helped D.is helped   58.Government officials should always__________in mind the pople’s needs. A.carry B.take C.train D.bear 59. She couldn‘t take shorthand, _______ slowed down the work of the office. A.that B.which C.it D.so 60.A special _____ should be laid on the necessity of team cooperation. A.attention B.emphasis C.notice D.importance 五、阅读理解(10题)61. "Defied" in the 5th paragraph probably means ______. A.doubted B.gave proof to C.challenged D.agreed to 62. What is the message of the story? A.Talking about something familiar gives you confidence in communication. B.Answering questions in class makes you better understood by classmates. C.Language plays an important role in communication between cultures. D.Mathematics helps to improve communication between cultures.  63.How do officials know that alcohol is a problem at the school? A.Students are getting bad grades. B.There are too many bars on the campus. C.Only a few students drink. D.Several students have died and one is in a coma.   64.42. Which sentence in the second paragraph is the topic sentence?A. Lyne was a headmaster.B. A lot of kids had chains around their necks.C. I was constantly telling them to put inside their shirts.D. They were house keys.  65.The other day I heard an American say to a Chinese student of English" You speak very good English. "But the student answered," No, no. My English is very poor. "the foreigner was quite surprised at the answer. Thinking he had not made himself understood or the student had not heard him clearly, he said," Yes indeed, you speak English very well. "But the Chinese student still kept saying "No. "In the end the foreigner gave up and was at a loss what to say. What's wrong with the student's answer? It is because he did not accept a compliment<赞美的话>as the English people do. He should have said" Thank you" instead of "no". He actually understood what the American had said. But he thought he should be modest. If he said "Thank you", that would mean he was too proud. According to the western culture, if someone says the dishes you have cooked are very delicious, you should say "Thank you". If someone says to a woman "You look so beautiful with the new clothes on", she should be very happy and answer "Thank you". In our country we think being modest is a virtue and showing off a bad thing. But in the west, if you are modest and say" No, I'm afraid I can't do it well", then the others will take it for granted that you really cannot do it. If you often say "no", you will certainly be looked down upon by others. If asking for a job, one says something like "Let me have a try on the job" instead of "Yes, I can certainly do it," he or she will never expect to get it. So in the west one should always be confident. Without self-confidence, he cannot go anywhere. Confidence is of great importance to one in a country where competition is quite keen. Why was the American surprised at the Chinese student's answer? A.Because he wondered whether the student could really speak good English. B.Because he could hardly hear what the student had said. C.Because he wouldn' like others to say "No". D.Because the way to accept a compliment in China is not the same as that in the western countries.  66. Danny didn't say anything about the matter to Mrs. Green because______. A.she had known it B.the other boys told her C.he didn't want to be in trouble D.his mother didn't want him to say it  67.It can be inferred from the passage that . A.the mother spoiled the boy B.the mother lost hope in the boy C.the boy found school life interesting D.the boy had no freedom at home  68. What dreadful idea occurred to the writer? ( ) A.The receipt had been stolen by someone. B.someone had taken away the case. C.He could not claim his case without the receipt. D.He had left his receipt at home.  69. The author is ______ about the future development of robots. A.worded B.pessimistic C.optimistic D.indifferent 70. On the whole, we can conclude______. A.people in Beijing prefer modern culture to something traditional B.there are usually more culture activities in September than in any other month C.most of the cultural activities in Beijing are for foreign visitors only D.we can enjoy a large variety of cultural activities in Beijing  六、作文(1题)71.Directions: For this part , you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic " How I Fi-nance My College Education". You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:1.上大学的费用(tuition and fees).可以通过多种途径解决;2.哪种途径适合于我(说明理由)。   参考答案 1.C解析:much用在句中修饰比较级better。 2.A【句子大意】新打字机的价格是二手货的三倍。 3.A解析:favor:帮助,一般用do me a favor;good:好处;help不与do搭配:kindness:善良。故选A。 4.A 5.B 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.C 10.B解析:此处是对将来情况的假设。虚拟条件句的谓语部分为should,had或were时,可把if省去,而把should,had或were放在从句的主语之前,构成主谓部分倒装。 11.B解析:本题考查动词固定搭配的用法。deprive后常接介词of,表示剥夺什么。 12.B解析:cuts“裁减”;shortages“短缺”;weaknesses“弱点”;imports“进口”,故正确选项为B。 13.B 14.D解析:本题测试形容词辨析。四个选项的意思分别是“普通的”,“清楚的”,“正义的”,“仅仅的”。根据句意,D项正确。本句大意为:他仅仅把它作为一个细节来描述,而我却认为它是这个计划中最重要的部分。 15.A 16.A 17.C所有的学生都去看了昨天的魔术表演。它太令人不可思议了。这里主要考查的是动词的现在分词和过去分词的不同用法。Sth.be doing表示某一事物令人怎么样。Sb.be done表示某人处于某种状态。例:The letter is touching.这封信令人感动。 I am moved.我很感动。 18.D解析:本题考查动词搭配。do one's homework“做作业”;make mistakes“犯错误”。句意为:做作业,还要保证别犯错误。 19.B考查反义疑问句。原句应是:you would think he had have forgotten…反义疑问句的规则是陈述部分是肯定式,疑问部分应是否定式。Would think表示推测,疑问部分也应选择would。选项B是正确的。【句子大意】你难道还认为他已经忘掉了,是吗? 20.A解析:while意为“虽然”;as意为“因为”;if意为“如果”;since意为“因为”。根据题意选A。 21.D 22.C 23.Bset out意为“出发,动身”。 24.C 25.C解析:副词so置于句首,句子应该用倒装语序,某人受伤用sb. be injured来表示,故答案为C。 26.D 27.C 28.C 29.D解析:which修饰非限定性定语从句,指代前边一句话。本题涉及句法知识——简单句、并列句和复合句。例如:He has two daughters. They are doctors.(简单句)He has two daughters and they are doctors.(并列句)He has two daughters, who are doctors.(复合句) 30.Ain particular是固定搭配,意为“特别地”。 31.A 32.How can I get one(/a library card)/What should I do to get one(/a library card) 33.H 34.What kind of fruit should I buy 35.E 36.下面是问店员这件衣服的价钱,可见商品上没有价签。选项F是正确的。 37.D 38.CHave you and the seller agreed upon a price 39.F 40.Are you free/Do you have time 41.exposure 42.efficiency 43.reliable 44.lengthening 45.non-official 46.deadly 47.observations 48.dangerous 49.protective 50.element 51.B本题考查连词辨析。 【应试指导】句意:除非我们继续打好比赛,否则我们不会一直保持比赛的胜利。unless引导条件状语从句,意为“除非,如果不”。because引导原因状语从句;when,while引导时间状语从句。 52.C13.答案为C 他正坐在椅子上读书。现在分词可做伴随状语,其逻辑主语与主句主语是一致的。 53.A 54.Acancel“取消”;destroy“

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